It's CURRENTLY November!

Happy November, friends!
Month of November Thanksgiving Food
Here's what I'm CURRENTLY up to! :)

Listening: It's raining in Seattle (surprise, surprise!) Good thing I went to Target and bought this super-cute new raincoat to fight off the rain in style! :)
Mossimo Supply Co. Junior's Anorak Rain Coat -Floral Print
Loving: My mom was visiting from NY last week and she spoiled me with a fabulous shopping spree at the LOFT! 
Look at the treasures I bought:
The Clarks Store was also having a major shoe sale:
Buy 2 pairs, get one free.
Of course we found 4 pairs of shoes we liked we had to get 6! :)

Thinking: I have been focusing more and more of my TPT energy towards creating book studies. Two of my recent novel study packets have been created for the book

and Holes:
But now I'm ready to tackle my next project.
And here's where you come in!
If you have an idea of a book that you'd like a novel study created for, please leave the book title in a comment. If I make a novel study out of the book you suggest, you'll get a FREE copy of the packet!
Wanting: Our grading quarter ended on Friday and now I need to write my Report Card comments. I have until Monday morning at 7am. I really should get cracking...
Needing: On Halloween, we had a whopping 3 groups of
Trick-or-Treaters come to our door! now my big bowl of Halloween candy is taunting me, begging me to eat it!  
As a special treat for my Facebook fans,
I am doing a little giveaway!
Whoever can guess my favorite candy (be specific!) will win my NEW packet of Thanksgiving Centers! Visit my Facebook pageand leave your guess and your e-mail address in a comment!
and speaking of my Thanksgiving Centers packet, I was thrilled to see it featured in the Teacher's Notebook newsletter this morning! :)
Happy guessing! :)

Yummy Pin:
I have a confession to make.
While I LOVE fall....
(It is my absolute favorite season.)
No pumpkin breads or bars or muffins or cookies
or drinks for this gal!
I know I'm in the minority, but anyone else out there with me?!?!
So here is a Thanksgiving-themed dessert
with absolutely 0 pumpkin in it! :)
Introducing the famous, delicious, decadent...
Pecan Squares

Well that's a glimpse into my heart and mind as we kick off November!
Link up with Farley for her fun CURRENTLY linky! :)
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