It's CURRENTLY November!

Happy November, friends!
Month of November Thanksgiving Food
Here's what I'm CURRENTLY up to! :)

Listening: It's raining in Seattle (surprise, surprise!) Good thing I went to Target and bought this super-cute new raincoat to fight off the rain in style! :)
Mossimo Supply Co. Junior's Anorak Rain Coat -Floral Print
Loving: My mom was visiting from NY last week and she spoiled me with a fabulous shopping spree at the LOFT! 
Look at the treasures I bought:
The Clarks Store was also having a major shoe sale:
Buy 2 pairs, get one free.
Of course we found 4 pairs of shoes we liked we had to get 6! :)

Thinking: I have been focusing more and more of my TPT energy towards creating book studies. Two of my recent novel study packets have been created for the book

and Holes:
But now I'm ready to tackle my next project.
And here's where you come in!
If you have an idea of a book that you'd like a novel study created for, please leave the book title in a comment. If I make a novel study out of the book you suggest, you'll get a FREE copy of the packet!
Wanting: Our grading quarter ended on Friday and now I need to write my Report Card comments. I have until Monday morning at 7am. I really should get cracking...
Needing: On Halloween, we had a whopping 3 groups of
Trick-or-Treaters come to our door! now my big bowl of Halloween candy is taunting me, begging me to eat it!  
As a special treat for my Facebook fans,
I am doing a little giveaway!
Whoever can guess my favorite candy (be specific!) will win my NEW packet of Thanksgiving Centers! Visit my Facebook pageand leave your guess and your e-mail address in a comment!
and speaking of my Thanksgiving Centers packet, I was thrilled to see it featured in the Teacher's Notebook newsletter this morning! :)
Happy guessing! :)

Yummy Pin:
I have a confession to make.
While I LOVE fall....
(It is my absolute favorite season.)
No pumpkin breads or bars or muffins or cookies
or drinks for this gal!
I know I'm in the minority, but anyone else out there with me?!?!
So here is a Thanksgiving-themed dessert
with absolutely 0 pumpkin in it! :)
Introducing the famous, delicious, decadent...
Pecan Squares

Well that's a glimpse into my heart and mind as we kick off November!
Link up with Farley for her fun CURRENTLY linky! :)


  1. I love your blog theme! I love everything travel, so cute! I'm a pumpkin-lover, except for pumpkin pie. That stuff is just too weird of a texture! Those bars look spectacular, though!


  2. As I was reading your post, I was thinking that I was happy that other people were getting rain too. Then I realized that you are in Seattle and I am in Bremerton. I feel your pain. I'm supposed to go to the playoff Sounders game tonight. Hopefully, the rain will let up a bit. (My fingers and toes are crossed.) Those pecan squares looks divine.

    I am happy I was able to find you through the Currently linky!

    Ms Richards's Musings

  3. How about a novel study on Number The Stars?

  4. My husband hates pumpkin too, but I blame his English-ness for that, haha. It's just not a popular flavor over there. And although I love it (except for the coffees, ew!) those pecan squares look like they'd win over a pumpkin bread any day!

    As for a novel study, how about Flutter? One of the 5th grade teachers at my school loves using that book with her students.

  5. If you manage to invent something that writes reports for you, let me know!!! I'm avoiding mine too...
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