Five for Fr...aturday! First Week of November

Good morning, blogging buddies!
Happy Saturday!
Well, I am late to the Five for Friday party, but I'm hoping Kacey will forgive me :)
Here's a look at our fun-filled week!

1. We started our Thankfulness Calendars!
Each day in November, the students fill in something that they are thankful for.
It's a great exercise for getting the kids to reflect on all that they have - it's generating an attitude of gratitude :)
I am doing it too - the students love to check it each morning to see what I've filled in for the day:

2. 2nd Quarter Goals
We started our 2nd Quarter this week and I wanted the students to take a moment to reflect on the beginning of the school year: what went well, what decisions were they proud of, and what could they improve for the second quarter. We discussed these things as a class and then the students worked individually to set goals for themselves in three categories: Faith, Family, and School

3. Bible Verse Stars

Because I have the awesome privilege of teaching in a Christian school, my students memorize a Bible verse each week. When they score a 100%, they receive a star on the board:
At the end of the quarter, I looked at the students who had gotten a 100% on ALL of their Bible Verse tests:
I had three hard-working students this quarter who diligently studied each night.
As a reward for their effort, they received a special treat:
Now that the second quarter has started, each student starts over on their verse tracking, so they have the opportunity to start earning stars again. That way, if they didn't work diligently in the first quarter, they now have the opportunity to turn it around. And boy are they motivated!
*Now I realize that most of you don't have your students memorize Bible verses, but this motivating idea could be done for a myriad of subjects - math facts memorization, AR goals, homework turn-in, etc. You could also do this with your own kids at home! 

4. Angry VERBS!
This week we started what is undoubtedly my students' favorite chapter in grammar...
Angry Verbs! :)
We've been studying linking vs. action verbs this week, so I pulled out some of my handy-dandy Angry Verb packets. Each student colors an angry bird and then writes two sentences about the bird - one with an action verb and one with a linking verb:
This activity is from my "Angry Verbs Activity Packet Part 1"
"Angry VERBS" Activity Packet
Stay tuned for more Angry Verb activites that will be showcased next week!

5. Veterans Day
Because we just finished our much-loved unit on World War 1 (which you can read about HERE!), my students were really excited to study Veterans Day (or Armistice Day as it was originally called, signifying the end of WW1).
We read this book:
and then did a bunch of activities from my Veterans Day Packet:
(which is FREE for this weekend only!)
We worked in our groups to write acrostic poems:
And then the students wrote letters to Veterans, showing their appreciation and gratitude:
Click HERE to download your copy of my Veterans Day packet for FREE!
If you download it, please leave feedback :)
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