Tried-It Tuesday: McTeacher Night

Last night I tried something that I have always wanted to do.
A lifelong dream fulfilled.
What was this dream, you may ask?
Laugh, if you will, but it's been a deep-seeded desire
for quite some time.
To work at a fast food counter.
I had never had that typical high-school experience of taking orders, packing up burgers, and delivering them to hungry customers.
I never had it, that is, 
until last night.
Yesterday I was a proud McDonalds employee. 
For about an hour :)
Why did I get to fulfill this fantasy?
Because McDonalds has an awesome fundraising partnership program called....
You can read all about it HERE
but basically McDonalds partners with local elementary schools. Teachers staff the front counters, the drive-through windows, the order packing station, etc. (along with the fully-trained McDonalds employees) and 20% of all profits from the night go to the school.
Here I am in action:
I had such a blast - by the end I was feeling like quite the natural, navigating that touch screen, making change, and handing out receipts.
I noticed a sign that our local McDonalds is hiring.
But I'm not sure the Lord is burdening me for a career change just yet :)
(FYI: That cute customer is my husband!)

So that's what I TRIED yesterday! Hop on over to Holly's blog to see what other amazing teacher bloggers have been trying in their classroom:
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