Tried-It Tuesday: Charting Our Character Traits

Today I'm linking up with my pal,
Holly, from Fourth Grade Flipper,
because I want to share a quick post about something
I've tried in my classroom recently.
To promote character development in my classroom,
I made this poster:
Each month we focus on a different character trait. On the first of the month, we discuss what the trait means and what it looks like tangibly in a young boy or girl's life. At the end of the month I honor two or three students who have worked diligently to demonstrate that character trait and sought to instill it in their lives on a daily basis. (The smiley face magnet shows which character trait we are working on for the month.)  

This is an awesome website that has definitions and activities for introducing and reviewing common positive character traits:

I've made a FREE packet of different character traits that you can print out and make a poster out of to remind your students about the character traits they can focus on.

The FREE packet contains 12 character cards (plus 2 blank templates)
Here are some samples:
I've also created a black and white version of the cards: 
Check out Molly's blog for more great freebies!

This has been such a helpful tool in my classroom - I can silently point at the poster and my message reaches my students, loud and clear :)


  1. I love your character trait goodies! I will definitely pass along this post to our Friendship Counselor at school. She'll love it! Thanks for linking up, Jessica!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. You're posters are super cute! Thanks for sharing! Teaching with Giggles

  3. I love your posters!! What an awesome freebie! Such an important lesson for the students too. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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