Sparking Student Motivation: I Have, Who Has

I love Saturday mornings.
I always wake up early.
Not it's-time-for-school-super-early,
but early enough for the night chill to still be lingering in the air.
Early enough to need my polka dot slippers and fuzzy bathrobe.
Early enough to appreciate the silence.
And the peace of knowing I don't need to rush.

This morning has consisted of a wonderful quiet time exploring the book of Galatians.
Here's the thought from God's Word that I'm pondering today:
Galatians 1:10
and then I spent some lovely time putzing on Pinterest :)
Click HERE to see what I've been pinning!

Now I want to share something that has been
motivating my students this week:
This week I introduced the game
"I have...Who has?" to my students.
{if you're unfamiliar with the game, click HERE to read about how it works.}
Do you ever play this game in your classroom? It is motivating, engaging, and provides your students with valuable practice of important concepts.
We played it as a math review game on Friday - I chose a FREE packet of basic multiplication facts from
"All Things Teachery" on TPT  
It has 40 game cards, so I passed out one to each student and then went around giving a second card to my strongest students.
Once they understood the concept of the game, we reshuffled the cards and played again. This time I timed the class - we finished the set in 4 minutes and 16 seconds. We discussed what strategies we could use to improve our time: listen carefully, speak loudly, stay focused on your card, and stay silent (even after your card has been called)
We played the game once more and brought our time down
to 3 minutes and 9 seconds! 
The students cheered and clamored the play again. Now that they understand how the game works, we can play endless versions - teachers have created "I have...Who has" cards for almost every subject and topic. Don't believe me? Do a search on TpT and see for yourself :)

Here are a couple versions I have created:
This game is included in my States & Capitals MEGA Packet

Do you ever use "I Have...Who Has?" games in the classroom? If you've tried one that your students enjoyed, share the link in a comment below! :)
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