Must-Read Mentor Text: Hershey Bar Fractions

On Friday we made a transition in math class from a fun and happy measurement unit to the dreaded, difficult, mind-boggling world of...
I'm kidding of course (mostly!), but some of my students have this mis-guided perspective that fractions will ruin their math careers forever. So, it's up to me to instruct them in such a way that they can feel confident and capable. A difficult task, but I'm up to the challenge (I hope...)
LOVE THIS...GOTTA MAKE A "Fractions Anchor Chart"
To assist me in my challenge, I have called on the help of several picture books. 
This is truly a thing of beauty!  It is a GIANT list of children's books that teach math skills!  It is sorted by what math skill you are trying to teach.  Unfortunately, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons is missing!!!
(This is a GREAT pin of lots of different books to use for different math concepts)
The book I want to share with you gets my students cheering for math class...
Now, as you can imagine the students are cheering for
the real-world application, 
the introduction to fractions (up to 12ths), 
the valuable practice adding and subtracting, 
the exposure to equivalent fractions.
Who am I kidding? 
Their mouths are watering because each page has pictures of...
Here's a review that sums up the value of this book:
"This witty and kid-friendly book walks you through a straightforward lesson that serves as a fantastic introduction to the world of fractions. It starts off explaining the fraction one-twelfth in relation to one rectangle of chocolate and continues all the way up through one whole Hershey bar."
I've created a fun & engaging packet to supplement this book.
The Chocolate Bar Fractions packet includes teaching posters to use at a station or on an anchor chart, 16 task cards with tracking sheet and answer key, and 3 activity sheets that can be used as a whole class activity, individual reinforcement, or end-of-unit assessment.

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