Monday Made It: October

Mondays are so faithful - always waiting for for (usually much too early for my liking), full of potential... Mondays signal the beginning of a fresh week, free of mistakes.
A fresh start for me.
A fresh start for my students.
A new week where we can learn, laugh, and take risks together.
The failures and behavior problems of last week are forgiven and now we are refreshed and ready to tackle this new week.

"Monday Made It" is a fun linky party where we share things we have MADE during this previous month.
Here is a re-cap of the things that I have MADE this month!
I have a 12x12 scrapbook frame hanging in the front hallway of my house - and I change out the pages each month/season. This is the one I've just made for October/November: 
I made this poster as a tangible reminder to my students that we are called to a higher purpose, that we are ambassadors for Chris wherever we go:

Here are two of my Fall-themed Bulletin Boards that I made:
 Each student wrote their favorite book on a leaf.
 These Bio Poems were done the first week of school - the original idea came from Laura Candler.

This project is something that my students actually made, but I assigned the task, so I'll take some credit for how well they turned out :)
We have been working on character development in Reading class and today we did one of my favorite projects...we created Puppet Characters! We've been talking about characters and what qualities make a VIVID character. We've done different studies on characters in books we've read and now I wanted to give my students the opportunity to create a character of their own.
I showed them my example:
 Petunia Pig, Baker Extraordinaire!

They were eager to get started making their puppets. 
However, before we jumped right in and started creating, 
we needed to do some brainstorming.
I had the students think about who their
character was going to be.

They had to fill out this:
and then they could start designing their puppet.
Didn't they do a great job?!?


Here are some fun and festive products I've created to enhance your curriculum while incorporating fun holidays:
Here's a preview of the Primary Version:
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