Five for Friday: Welcome to Noun Town!

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday Everyone!
This week, we started our fun-filled chapter on NOUNS:
1. I started off the unit by showing the Schoolhouse Rock video, "A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing." You can watch it here. 

2. A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink
I then read this fun book that reviews
the basic concept of a noun
Book about Nouns
Everytime I read a noun (and there are TONS of examples!) the students have to "pop up" (stand up) and sit back down. There is a lot of exercise happening with this book! :)
The pictures are quite humorous - and a little zany...

3. Noun Scavenger Hunt

After discussing the different types of nouns, we put our knowledge into practice by going on a scavenger hunt! I put up word cards around the classroom and then sent the kids hunting!
 The kids recorded the nouns in the four categories: people, places, things, and ideas:

We then went through our list and categorized our nouns as common or proper. Click here to check out my Noun Scavenger Hunt on TPT.

4. Noun Town

After our discussion of common vs. proper nouns, we worked together to create a "Noun Town!" Each student had to bring in a picture of a noun that could fit in our fictitious town. 
It could be:
A person:
Halloween Pirate Boy
A place:
Red Schoolhouse
of a thing:
Cartoon Acorn
On the back of the picture they had to write:

1. The type of noun it was 
 person: a banker, George Washington, a teacher, a girl jogging, etc.
place: a restaurant, ShopRite, a clothing store, etc.
thing: a bench, a dog, a Cadillac, etc.

2. Is it singular or plural?

   3Is it common (a store) or proper (Macy’s)
Once all of the pictures came in, we sorted them based on whether they were people, places, or things. I then constructed a bulletin board, divided into three sections of "Noun Town:" 1. People Avenue, 2. Place Street, and 3. Thing Drive.

The students love seeing their work on display and it's a tangible reminder of the difference between the three types of nouns.
(the Noun Town activity is included in my Noun Scavenger Hunt packet)
5. Ninja Nouns
As we dig deeper into our unit of Nouns, we will move from just identifying to classifying as singular/plural and common/proper. I've created these two fun units that my kiddos LOVE!
Each 12 page packet is a FUN and ENGAGING way to practice categorizing nouns:

Phew! What a week! The kids worked hard, we had fun, and I fell into bed each night :) 
Signs of a job well done!
Monday is Columbus Day and I've created a fun packet to commemorate this important historical figure:
I'd love to give this packet away to TWO lucky followers! 
All you have to do is PIN this packet on Pinterest and leave a comment with the url of your pin. On Sunday morning, I will choose two comments at random to receive a FREE Columbus Day packet.
Happy Pinning! :)
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