Five for Friday: Fun with the Three Little Pigs!


This week I jazzed up our Reading class with a fun study of 
The Three Little Pigs
I wanted to branch out from our textbook a little and give the students some valuable and much-needed practice with reading comprehension, summarizing, identifying story elements, comparing/contrasting, and writing.

On Monday we discussed the original story and watched this cute (albeit very kiddy!) video:
Then we discussed different ways we can summarize a story. 
We used the S-W-B-S model:
Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, we read four different versions of the classic folktale:
and filled out graphic organizers with important story details:
On Thursday we looked at all five stories
(the original plus the four "twisted" versions) 
Each student chose two to compare and contrast:
We took a vote on our favorite version.
I threw in a little math as we recorded our votes on a tally chart and a bar graph. We then took each book's total and wrote it as a fraction (in simplest form, of course!)
On Friday, the kiddos tried their hands
at writing their own versions!
We planned our stories:
And then wrote our masterpieces...
On a non-teachery note, I had a FABULOUS week with my mom:
We spent the weekend in the beautiful Olympic National Park
And the week ended with a wonderful shopping spree at the Outlet Mall:
Gotta love the LOFT! :)

Well I'm off for a relaxing evening - tomorrow holds the promise of a reunion with a high school friend and a fancy gala for my hubby's work! I love any reason to get all gussied up! :)
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