Five for Friday: Fall Adventures, Book Orders, and Fractions!

Well I am late to the "Five for Friday" party once again :( 
But I have a good reason... 
1. My Mom is here!!!!
On Thursday my mom flew across the country to spend a bonding week with me shopping, eating, watching chick flicks, and crafting! 

We've done some serious damage at Kohls already - foreshadowing of what's to come this week! :)
Today we're heading to explore the Western coast of Washington - we're going to spend most of our time in Olympic National Park...
Olympic National Park and mother nature's giants ...Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park; photo by JD Hascup
with stops in Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles. 
Any Twilight fans out there?!?
City of Forks (WA)
2. Scholastic Bonus Points Order Arrived!
In September, Scholastic does a special deal that if a teacher places a $300 order during the month, they earn 10,000 bonus points (*in addition to the points you earn for the books purchased)
Well, as you can read about HERE, we reached that goal...
and my Bonus Point bank shot through the roof!
I was so excited to start planning and plotting on what I should get. A teacher can spend your points on regular books from their monthly student catalogs or from the special Bonus Point Catalog
I finally decided on a mix of teaching resources, classroom supplies, and of course, books for the kiddos. I used about 5,000 points (less than half of what I got from the September order!) and look at all that I was able to "buy":
Scholastic Book Orders are very motivating...for my students and for me! :)
They keep asking if we're going to have a $300 goal every month. Now Scholastic only does that deal in September, but I was tempted to tell my students YES! :)
How do you motivate your students? 
3. Puppet Character Creations!
On Monday we did a fun project where the students created puppets and then completed a characterization project to go with it:
You can read more about the activity and grab a FREEBIE by clicking here: 
4. Fractions
We started a fun-filled unit on Fractions this week! We spent a lot of time going over the basic of fractions:
LOVE THIS...GOTTA MAKE A "Fractions Anchor Chart"
and read some cute books to accompany our study:
check out my Mentor Text post on how we use this one
5. Decorating for Fall!
This week I finished pulling out my fall decorations both at school and at home:
 Each student wrote their favorite book on a leaf.
 These Bio Poems were done the first week of school - the original idea came from Laura Candler.
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