Wednesday Workshop: We're Going on a Sentence Hunt!

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Today was a fabulous day. A we-worked-hard-and-got-things-accomplished kind of day :)
Don't you love those?
Me too.

My kids are finally adjusting back to the "school" schedule. They are getting into the swing of things in my kingdom classroom and are practicing a lot more self-control than they did the first couple of days, thank the Lord :)

I am linking up with my bud, Jivey, to talk about setting up for Writer's Workshop
Before we launch Writing Workshop, I like to have my kids review the basic structure of a sentence. Lots of practice. Lots of repetition. Lots of me dancing around the classroom chanting, "the predicate is the VERB! the predicate is the...VERB!"
Our first chapter in English was on the lovely world of sentences - subjects and predicates, parts of speech, diagramming sentences, and the four types of sentences.

As a review, I showed the students posters of the different types of sentences. I found mine on Pintrest (where else?!) and they have cute little monsters on them with a definition and an example of each sentence type. Here's the link to the 4 Types of Sentences Monster Posters pin:

We made a foldable to reinforce the 4 types of sentences.
Each flap is cut on the solid line and the definition and an example goes behind the flap.

The original link can be found here: Types of Sentences Foldable 
Then we do lots of practice identifying the sentence types - around the room, in our textbook, in magazines, in conversation, etc. We use a lot of activities from my FUN and ENGAGING "We're Going on a Sentence Hunt" Packet, which includes:
*Types of Sentences posters
*Types of Sentences note-taking graphic organizer
*Sentence Hunt Activity – hunting through a book
*“Sentence Types” Assessment: - paddle activity, scavenger hunt, or center activity
You can click here to check out the "We're Going on a Sentence Hunt" Activity Packet

Then we continued our mini-unit by doing a Sentence Hunt. Each student became a detective and was tasked with hunting through a book to find an example of each type of sentence. It gave them real hands-on experience with the different types of sentences:

And lastly, we play an awesome game that the students LOVE!

After the students are comfortable with differentiating between the different types, we play a version of
FOUR CORNERS, grammar-style :)
I place a sign in the four corners of my classroom, one for each type of sentences:
The students have 10 seconds to tiptoe to one of the corners of the room. Then I read a sentence and whoever is standing in the appropriate corner has to sit down at their desk. I start the countdown again and the kids move to a different corner. Play continues until only one student is left standing. 
It's one of their (and my!) favorite activities :)

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