Sparking Student Motivation: Homework Hotel

LOVE Saturday mornings, especially when it's NOT Saturday. Waking up feeling blessed that every day is like a Saturday right now. :)
My heart smiles at the truth of this picture! I am lounging in my fuzzy pajamas, sipping some tea, and watching "I Love Lucy" - my husband and I's latest Saturday morning tradition :)

I am linking up with my bud, Joanne, from "Head Over Heels for Teaching" to share an idea that has really revolutionized how my students turn in their homework and how I check for missing work.
Introducing...the Homework Hotel!

I bought one of the large pocket charts from Lakeshore
and numbered the pockets to use year after year:
When a student enters the room in the morning, they look on the white board to see what they need to turn it. If students have two (or three) things to turn in, I have the order written on the board that I want the papers turned in. They pull out their homework assignment and place it in their "Homework Hotel" - it's called the Hotel because it only stays for a brief visit :)

I can quickly see who has and who hasn't turned in their homework  
and can stand there and fill in Late Homework Passes for students whose pockets are empty.

I also use it when students are taking a quiz or a test. I can see which students were confident in their knowledge and turned it in quickly and which need some more time.

When I pull the papers out, the papers are already in number out and I can quickly catch who didn't put their name on the papers - no more dreaded "NO NAME" papers! :)

Do you have an easy strategy for collecting Homework?
I'm always open for more ideas!

And hop on over to Joanne's page to link up with motivating ideas for the classroom!

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