Sparking Student Motivation: A Good Classmate

Phew! I made it through the first two weeks of school - and this is a class of characters! :)
They're fun...but very social. 
I am working diligently to channel their energy
into more productive uses!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew that I wanted
to try it with my students:
As a class we brainstormed what it looked like to be a good classmate. We filled out this anchor chart and the students filled in one at their seats as a reminder to keep in their binders. We also had a great discussion about how these qualities don't only apply to being a good student - they make us good friends, good sons/daughters, good siblings, and God-honoring Christians. 
I have created this *FREE* template if you would like to use one of them with your students/children:
*also included are: A Good Friend, A Good Son/Daughter, A Good Sibling, A God-Honoring Christian, and a blank template for you to customize.
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*If you download it, please leave feedback!*

I also found this great bulletin board idea where students can highlight positive character traits they see in their classmates:
A fun, interactive bulletin board that allows students to highlight the good character they find fellow classmates engaged in.
How do you motivate your students?
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