September Product Swap: Fifth in the Middle's "Read All About It" Centers

Happy Thursday! 
I am so excited and honored to be part of a fabulous group of bloggers who journey through life together: we share stories, bounce ideas off of one another, and look to one another for advice or suggestions.
And one of the fun things we decided to do was a Product Swap:
and I was so blessed to be partnered up with
the dynamic Diane from Fifth in the Middle
Fifth in the Middle
Diane was one of the first bloggers that I got to "know" when I first started my journey in the blogging world - and she has been such a wonderful source of ideas, advice, and proof-reading help! :)

I perused Diane's TpT store and had a hard time deciding on just one product to try with my kiddos. I finally narrowed it down to her "Read All About It!" Newspaper Center activities:
The awesome 40-page packet comes with 5 fun center ideas:
Editor-in-Chief - Students will find twenty mistakes, one in each sentence.
My students did this activity in pairs during reading centers:
They each got a recording sheet and a set of the cards.
 They read each card and then decided where the error was:
 Then, when they were finished, they checked their tracking sheet with the answer key:

 Newspaper Scramble - Students will make smaller words out of the word "newspaper."
My students got so competitive with this activity! 
One of my girls came up with 37 words! :)

 Classified Sort - Students will categorize ads.
The students were given cards and then had to sort them into the correct category: 
Help Wanted
Lost & Found
For Sale
This one was somewhat challenging for my kiddos - too many of them have never even opened up a newspaper!

 In the News? - Students will determine if information can be found in a newspaper, an almanac, a dictionary, or an encyclopedia.
I've saved this one - we're going to pull it out when we do our unit on reference materials.

 Synonym Swap - Students will group together synonyms.
This was an AWESOME center that helped students see the boring words that needed to be replaced with more vivid, interesting words. It gave them good practice on the concept of synonyms.

In the end, it was a very thorough, engaging, and valuable packet that provided my students with hands-on practice of some real-life skills. Great work, Diane! :)

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