It's CURRENTLY September!

Good-bye summer lovin' - Hello September!
August flew by and I cannot believe that I'm already turning the page of my Downton Abbey calendar :) to September!
September School Owls
Here's my Currently for the month:

Listening: This weekend my hubby and I have spent the majority of our days in pajamas having movie marathons. It has been glorious! We're trading off choosing what moving to watch and for my current choice, I picked You've Got Mail! I've watched it dozens of times - it's one of my all-time favorite movies :)
I've strongly hinted to my husband today that I would love a bouquet of sharpened pencils :)
Loving: this week I got two fabulous packages that brightened my days!
First, I got a back-to-school care package from my fabulous friend, Rose at Rosie's Rambles. She filled it with all sorts of things I love:
A super cute bag, owl magnets, owl knee socks, continent duct tape (perfect for my travel theme!), and puzzle erasers that will be the perfect compliment to a puzzle activity I do with my students each year.
My favorite part of the package was... 
Pancake and Syrup Salt and Pepper Shakers!
I have a salt and pepper shaker collection - and these are so so SO cute! Plus my hubby and I eat way too many pancakes, so they fit us perfectly :)

The second package I received was from Jameson at "Lessons with Coffee" as part of the SLANT Box Exchange. What's a SLANT, right might ask? It's a box that is Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers and boy did I feel the love with this box of goodies!
Here's what I found when I first opened the box from Jameson:

 The awesome bag contained candy, pencils, and a little notebook - all of Jameson's favs! 
Plus she ironed on the pink glittery letters to customize it for me...perfect! :)

But the gift didn't end with the bag.
This is what I found underneath: 
Lots of teacher must-have's: 
Plus 10 "Scentos" markers!
I plan to put them in my prize box - My students are going to FLIP :)

Thinking: I have been working diligently on classroom set-up for the past two weeks and love how my new classroom turned out! You can check out my "Classroom Reveal" post HERE.
Wanting: On Saturday morning, hubby and I were heading out to a bakery for a bonding breakfast when we found this:
Photo: Came outside and found my car smashed - no note :( #cartroubles #readyformyownhouse
Someone has smashed my car! The worst part about it...there was no note!!! So now we've got to get it fixed - which means a lot of $$$ and several days sharing one car.
Oh well...we're blessed with two cars and the ability to pay to have this one fixed. It's inconvenient, but I'm so thankful we weren't in a serious accident. I just wish the person who did this would confess!
Needing: Next weekend my little brother is getting married! Hubby and I are flying out to North Carolina for the weekend and we cannot wait to see everyone and participate in the festivities!
While it is so exciting, it also means I'm missing my first Monday with my kiddos, so I need to get everything prepped and planned before I go.
3 for Me: My goals for this month (and this year!) are to wake up extra early and have a devotional time of Bible reading and prayer - My principal has encouraged us to "protect this time," so I am determined to do it BEFORE I shower, eat breakfast, or check the computer. It is going to be my number 1 priority. Secondly, I want to pack healthy balanced lunches for hubby and I at night! I hate scrambling to do it in the morning. And lastly, I want to read a book - one per month - that is for me. As in, not on a fifth grade level :)

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  1. I forgot about the socks...I picked a pair up for me too!


  2. Hello, just came over from Farley's page! I love the SLANT box! That seems like so much fun! I also love packages. My husband thinks I'm crazy but when I order something I get so excited when it comes in!

    Come on over to my blog

  3. Great Currently! I had some smash my car a few years back, and just like you, NO NOTE!
    But, I was thankful that I could get it fixed!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your car! That is so frustrating. I hope you have a wonderful start to your school year!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  5. Hi Jessica, I loved reading your currently! It was kinda crazy reading it because I got rear ended last week and the person just left too! So someone smashed my car and I don't have anyone fessing up either! I agree though- it's just 'stuff' and at least the accident wasn't serious.

    Our personal goals are also so similar! I always say, God first, Others second, Me third. It's so important to keep Him first- especially because everything that we are and have come from Him anyway! This year I've tried to get in the habit of reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young before doing anything else (like checking my phone or computer).. Some days it's hard but it's always worth it- He loves to speak in those quiet morning hours!

    Happy Back to School! Thanks for your great post!
    Come on over and check out our blog, too!

    The Rungs of Reading

  6. Boo to someone smashing your car! Enjoy your brother's wedding. What a special family time!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  7. So happy to see how much you loved your SLANT box!!!!!! Can you make sure you link up with my linky for the reveals? Want to make sure people do not think I flaked on ya!!!!

    The picture of your brother and his new(soon to be) wife is so cute. They look absolutely in love. Glad you get to share that with them!

    Thanks much for being an awesome partner!!!!!
    Lessons With Coffee 


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