Five for Friday: Candy Cars, Weddings, and Sentences...oh my!

*Friday Dance*
*Friday Dance*
*Friday Dance*
This has been a long week - a great one, but the kind that makes me go to bed at 8:30pm each night and creates a longing for Friday, starting on Monday :)
I am heading home for a "Pajama Weekend" with the hubby - I can't wait!

Here's a snapshot of what we've been up to this week:
1. Get-to-Know-You Activities
We did a lot of fun "Get-to-Know-You" activities to warm up to the school year :)
I gave the students homework on their first day - *GASP!*
But they calmed down once they found out that all they had to do was "fill" the suitcase with things that mattered to them:
My Summer in Rearview
Then they wrote me letters about a memorable experience from their summers. They then decorated "rearview" mirrors with pictures from their summers. Perfect for my travel-themed classroom :)

I also have the students reflect on the week by filling in a "rearview mirror" 
2. We wrote acrostic poems about ourselves: 
Fun, right?
Easy peasy?
Or not.
This was a TOUGH project. One of those surprising things that I thought would be a good 15-minute-time filler at the end of the day and ended up needing almost 45 minutes.
My students had never done acrostic poems before.
I thought you did that in like first or second grade.
Not my kiddos.
They stared at me blankly.
We did several examples.
Starting with "DOG"
I explained the concept and asked for a "D" word.
A student raised his hand and said "Donuts!"
I asked how they related to our theme (dogs) and he looked at me puzzled and said, "But it starts with a D!"
It was then and there I realized I had my work cut out for me :)
We worked through DOG, SCHOOL, and CHURCH.
Then I let them loose on their names.
Some asked to use the dictionary. I, the word-loving teacher, beamed with pride and said, "sure!"
Big mistake.
They started writing words like "Iodize" and "Vernacular"
I reiterated that it had to be pertinent to the theme - which was the student!
But they were just proud of finding a big word that started with the correct letter.
We tabled the project and started over the next day.
We brainstormed our adjectives for each letter, worked with a partner, and then they had to get it checked by me before they could work on their "final draft."
Boy oh boy.
But, in the end, it all worked out :)
Disclaimer: I told him he could just do "Chris," but he was determined to do his full name :)
3. "We're Going on a Sentence Hunt!"
Click HERE to see my blog post about our activities identifying the different types of sentences - there's a change to WIN a free copy of my "We're going on a Sentence Hunt" packet!
4. Candy Car Assembly Line
In History, we've been disucssing Henry Ford and how he revolutionized transporttion with the change of the assembly line in the creation of his cars. I decided to put our learning into using the assembly line format to make cars...made completely out of CANDY!
Yes, yes, I know - I'm the coolest teacher ever :)
Here's what you need:
 I had the supplies organized ahead of time in buckets for each "assembly line worker":
 We divided into "factories" and each student got a "job."
They did their job and then passed on the "car" to the next student down the line.
This was the final product:
Definitely a memorable day in fifth grade! :)
 5. Wedding!
Lastly (and most exciting!) my little brother, Jeremy, got married this week!
Here are some pictures of the beautiful day:
Pure Joy
Keeping Christ as the center of their marriage:
The "sweetheart" table:
Here's me with my "little" brother :)
First Dance:

The happy couple!

Phew! Pajamas are calling my name :)
Good night!
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