Five for Friday: A Week in Flight!

I saw this today and it made me smile...
Yep, that was me at 3:17 this afternoon when I re-entered my classroom (kid-free), turned off the light, and sat down at my desk for a moment of silence.  I cherish that moments of peace and quiet, sitting with the lights off and my eyes closed.
It was one of those typical Friday afternoons. 
Read: chaos.
The good kind of chaos because the kids are actively engaged in "loud learning" as I like to call it. Plus we had some lovely student representatives come to our class at the end of the day, decked out in full 1970s gear, to advertise an upcoming skate night. Reigning my kids back in after that presentation was nearly impossible. But alas, we survived. All the backpacks got packed, the Friday Files handed out, the chairs stacked, and the kids dispersed to their parents. 
I find that the moments of silence after a busy school day are necessary for keeping my sanity :)
But the peaceful respite was short-lived as I kicked into high gear and got busy clearing the mountain pile of papers that were currently taking over sitting on my desk :)

I'm linking up with the lovely Doodle Bugs for a re-cap of our flight-filled week:
This week we wrapped up our History chapter of transportation with an in-depth study of the Wright Brothers, the fathers of flight. 
The Wright Brothers made the first airplane. My 6th cousins 6 times removed. Our common ancestor is SAMUEL WRIGHT born 29 Jun 1606, my 11th great grandfather in my Fathers Drouillard Lineage.
You can read about my exciting trip to the Museum of Flight in preparation for this chapter HERE.
 We read a couple great books about Orville and Wilbur Wright
We watched an awesome video about the first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903:
Here's another video that shows actual footage of the flight:
Also, here's a great interactive activity 
about the different parts of the "Flyer"
The Wright Brothers Flying Machine interactive exercise
We acted out a play about the brothers
from this FABULOUS book:

If you don't own this book, you need to! :)
*This was the first thing I purchased from a "Teacher Store" after finding out I had been hired for my first year of teaching, so it holds a special place in my heart :)
We did some assessment activities, like this one:
(which you can snag for FREE!)
~Answer Key Included~
Click HERE to grab your FREEBIE.
If you download it, please leave feedback :)
Well that concludes our unit - it was a nice trip, but now our feet are planted safely on the ground once again :)
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