Five for Friday: "In-Tents" Reading, Cause & Effect, and Frindle...oh my!

;) So tired, but feel like I should do something on a Friday!
I do! I do! 
Happy Friday, everyone! :)
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to share what we've been up to:
1. Scholastic Book Order
Do you send home Scholastic Book Club flyers? 
They're a great way to get books into the hands of your students - plus you earn bonus points from each order that you can use to stock your classroom library! I have used my points to buy TONS of great books for my kiddos as well as lesson plan idea/activity books to help with planning.
In September, Scholastic does a special deal...
if a teacher places a $300 order during the month, they earn 10,000 bonus points (*in addition to the points you earn for the books purchased)
Well when I heard about this deal, I was all over it.
I found this great resource from Laura Candler:
FREE Earn 10,000 Scholastic Bonus Points (2013)
The packet includes a sample parent letter and some activities to use to promote the deal in your classroom.
After sharing about the program with my students and their parents, I printed out this page to track our progress:
And each time the students brought in an order, I colored in the stars. Within one week, we had reached our goal!
2. "In-Tents" Reading Party!
To celebrate reaching our Scholastic goal, we had an 
"In-Tents" Reading Party!
The students were invited to bring in blankets, pillows, flashlights, and books as we celebrated our love of reading!
As the students read, I came around and passed out some goodies - a snack and these cute bookmarks
I made for each of them:
The template for these bookmarks came from the creative Catherine from The Brown-Bag Teacher
Reading Strategies Bookmarks: Personalized Freebie
...and my kiddos LOVED them! 
I was amazed at how excited they were - they were so touched that I spent the time to make individual ones for each of them with their names on them :)
3. Cause and Effect Partner Activity:
We studied Cause and Effect in Reading class this week:
It started out with a reading of this classic book:
and then we used this awesome *FREE* PowerPoint game to identify different examples of cause and effect:
If You Give an Elephant a Peanut
Click HERE to snag it for FREE from Erin Vogel's TPT store.
And lastly, to extend our learning and assess our understanding, we did several activities from my
"Cause and Effect Activity Packet"
The kids had a BLAST with the Partner Activity:
I handed each student an orange puzzle piece that contained either a cause of effect.
They had to walk around the room and find their partner - the one with the matching cause or effect. Once they did, they brainstormed together to create a short story based on their puzzle pieces:
4. Frindle:
We finished our first read-aloud of the year,
Frindle by Andrew Clements.
I have made a FUN and ENGAGING 40-page packet
of activities to supplement a unit on the book:
Click HERE to see the post about
how I used these activities in the classroom.
I'm giving away a FREE copy of the packet - click HERE to enter!
~The giveaway ends TONIGHT!~
5. September Swap: "Read All About It" Centers
This week I reviewed an awesome packet of LA Centers from Diane at "Fifth in the Middle"
Click HERE to see the post - and check out a lot of awesome products that were reviewed in the September Swap.
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