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Deciding on Jobs
When planning your classroom jobs, you need to first decide which jobs you'd like to have your students do throughout the day. I believe classroom jobs are very important - it builds responsibility in your students, helps them feel a bit of ownership in the classroom, can be a good motivator to challenging students, and helps the teacher out.

Here are the jobs that I used in my classroom:
2 Paper Sorters (to pass out and collect papers, as well as sort returned papers in the student mailboxes*)
2 Messengers 
1 Board Eraser
1 Classroom Librarian (I changed it to 2 when I got an extra student)
1 Absent Folder Manager (fills in a sheet when a classmate is absent)
1 Substitute

*Note: when I needed papers sorted in the mailbox, I would often give the task to an early finisher if my paper sorters were still working on an assignment. It was a highly coveted task and I often chose students who were demonstrating role-model behavior
Displaying Jobs
To go with my "Travel-Theme," I used this to display my classroom jobs:
 Each job had it's own "parking spot" when the students' "cars" would "park" for the week :)
The other half of the class was "On Vacation" (in the envelope)
Changing Jobs
Each week, I would change the jobs on Friday afternoon...or Monday morning when a student reminded me :) Here's the chart I used to keep track of who to move to each job:

My first year of teaching, I had 14 students in my homeroom, and I divided them into two groups. Each week 7 students had jobs and 7 were "on vacation."  I created a document with the student names and divided the students into two groups (A and B): Week 1, Group A would have jobs, Week 2, Group B, etc. I would check off when they were assigned the different jobs on the organizer, so each student completed each job before they began to repeat (with the exception of paper sorter because I had two).  
I have a weekly newsletter that went home on Mondays and the jobs for the week would be posted there.
Click here to grab the job organizer for FREE:
Classroom Jobs Organizer
Now, I'm not sure what to do about this year. I liked my system in the past, but now looking at a much higher class size (probably 25-27), I'm wondering if I need to rethink how I organize and manage classroom jobs. 
Question to those with LARGE class sizes: what do you do?!?
Here are some great ideas from Pinterest:
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Fun concept: having your students respond to a "Help Wanted" ad and "apply" for the job they want
classroom jobs Help Wanted bulletin board
Classroom Job Application
Question: Do you have your students APPLY for a job?
Does it last all year?
Here are some SUPER CUTE owl job labels:
free---Classroom jobs - Owls
And did I mention that they are FREE?!? :)

I LOVE this... iHelp :)
Technology classroom job chart
If I wasn't so invested in my classroom theme,
I would do this in a heartbeat.

Anyone do a Classroom Economy?
Classroom Economy: Classroom job payscale
Question: I am intrigued by the idea, but afraid that it'll be too much to stay consistent with.
Let me know if I'm wrong and it works in your classroom!

I like the look of this, but it is A LOT of jobs!
Tips for Creating and Managing Classroom Jobs {job charts, student jobs, classroom management}
Question: Do you give jobs to every student every week?

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