Sparking Student Motivation: Dear Students...

I'm joining Joanne from "Head Over Heels for Teaching"
for her fun Motivation linky party:
Today I want to share a sign that I have posted in my classroom:
It was a Pinspiration - see the original pin here.
This is a tangible reminder to each of my students that they are cared for, valued, and important members of our class. 
Here's the story that prompted me to share this poster:
This past week, a new coworker of mine came into my classroom and saw the poster on the wall. She immediately started crying and said, "That is what I think! That is what I want my students to know! Can I please use that?" I told her she absolutely could and she went off to create one for her kiddos :)

Along the same lines, Linda, a follower on my Joy in the Journey Facebook pagecommented on one of my posts and said that every fall she starts the school year telling this quote to her middle schoolers:
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."
It's a sweet line from the movie, The Help, and really sets the tone for how she treats each of her students all year. 
How do you motivate your students and let them know that they are valued and important? Hope on over and share your ideas with Joanne!
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