Monday Made-It: "Where Are You?" Board!

It's time for another exciting edition of...
I have been a little worker bee this week as I kicked back into school-mode. I'm not able to get into my classroom yet, so I've been working at home.

Here are some things that I've MADE:
My first major project was a
"Where Am I?" Magnetic Board
I had seen an idea on Pinterest:
Student Location Magnet Board: when a student leaves the room, they move their numbered magnet to the correct box... always know where kids are when the office calls or for fire drills, etc.
This is the front of my desk.  The students make their lunch choice here.  I have all of the lunch choices for the year typed on cards that are in a magnetic pencil holder on the lower right corder of my desk.  The choices are clipped along the top and students use the number circles to move under their choice.
and knew that I wanted to try something like this in my new classroom! So I gathered my supplies:
A collection of school-themed scrapbook paper, small round magnets (from Wal-Mart), school bus ribbon, travel stickers, a small circle punch, clear stones, and some crafting glue.
I had found the idea to make numbered magnets with glue stones on top from The Teacher Life
However - mine did not look anything like hers...
Can you read that number?
Not easily.
I didn't want my students to have to stand there and search for their number - that would cause problems.
I think maybe my stones were smaller than the ones she used?!?
So anyway, I decided to skip the stone: 
Much clearer, right?
Then I decorated my cookie sheet (which I found for 99cents at Wal-Mart: BARGAIN!)
And decorated some more... 
This is what the board will look like each morning: 
When students arrive they move their magnet to the "In class, working hard" section. It allows me to see at a glance who is absent. Then, throughout the day, if they leave the room for any reason, they move their magnet to where they are going. Here's an example: 
Students can see if someone is in the bathroom and they need to wait. This will hopefully cut down on multiple students asking to leave the room at once.
I also made this for outside the classroom door:
I got the typed template from...? I can't remember! And I have searched EVERYWHERE for this particular version. If it's you who created it - please tell me so I can give you your due credit :)
I printed it in black and white and then taped it onto "I {heart}School" paper from Michaels. I plan to connect the pieces using silver rings with red ribbon and hang it outside the classroom door.
Homophones MEGA Packet!
I was hard at work last week and made this humongous, super-fun, activity-packed MEGA packet for homophones. This puppy has 212 pages of fun and engaging activities!
Each activity in the packet is sold separately - but if you buy the bundle, you save almost $5! What a bargain! :)
Here are two of the activities from the packet that I have already printed, laminated, and cut up for my fifth graders to use:
Homophone "I Have...Who Has" Cards:
Homophone Task Cards:
Perfect as an easy, ready-to-go center activity
*I printed the black and white version (included in the packet) on green paper to save ink.
You can check out the packet in my TpT store here: Homophones MEGA Packet can try your chances at WINNING the packet!
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