It's CURRENTLY Time For a Back-to-School Freebie! :)

It's CURRENTLY...August!
Month of August Back to School
Today marks one month til the kiddos arrive and
the 2013-2014 school year kicks off!

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Listening: Confession time - I may have a slight obsession with the Food Network. Okay, maybe more than slight. Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, is my new homegirl. She is so fun and creative - and she makes all sorts of delicious things! I've gained 34 pounds in the last week just from watching her show :)
Loving: I have lived in Seattle for two weeks now and am awe-struck each time I drive down the road. Here are some of the pictures I've taken as we explored our new surroundings.
Photo: Relaxing in the beautiful park right outside Jon's office #seattlelife
Thinking: As many of you know, my classroom is travel-themed. I love it - I think it's versatile, it's gender-neutral, it lends itself to all sorts of decor and activities, and it's interesting. However, it is also unique and very hard-to-shop for.This week I was looking for something specific and frustratingly couldn't find it - and anything remotely close to what I was looking for. So right there in the middle of Michaels, I almost switched my theme. Sports. Owls. Chevron. But, in the end I decided that I had put too much effort (and mula!$$$) into making everything from my theme to change it with a month left. So, I am sticking with the travel/journey/adventure theme for now!
Welcome to My Classroom!
Wanting: While I am thoroughly enjoying my summer (lounging by the pool, reading, cooking, etc.) I am also eager to get into my classroom and set-up. New school. New colleagues. New classroom. New curriculum. I think that like once I can get in and start setting up, I'll feel like I have a better grasp on this year. PLUS... all of my classroom stuff is currently invading my beautiful new apartment:
This is our lovely guest bathroom - good thing we don't know anybody yet! :)
 And this is our front closet:
Needing: Now that August is here, it's crunch time! I have next week to work like crazy on school stuff, then my in-laws are flying out for a week (YAY!!!), and then teacher inservice starts the 19th. Phew! September 2nd will be here before I know it! :)
Pink Owl On Branch Clip Art
B2S Must-Haves:
These three are pretty self-explanatory: 
1. Sharpies (I use them to label, make anchor charts, etc.)
2. Sheet Protectors: So handy - I use them for my teacher files, for the student's passports, and for make-shift white boards)
3. Sunkist: I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love Sunkist as a caffeine booster on tough days. However, now that I live in the coffee capital of the country, maybe I'll get into it... :)
And now as's FREEBIE time!
And just in time for Back-to-School...
This FREE packet includes a cute popcorn note,
inviting parents to Back-to-School Night. 
I've included a pre-designed template: 
AND an editable slide for you to customize:
Then, after they come to the event,
they can leave with a small treat bag filled with popcorn:
There's also an editable version where
you can add some information:
I usually type "Thanks for Popping In"
and then put my e-mail address.
The parents love it - it's a small gesture that
makes a big impression.
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