Five for Friday: Classroom Reveal! :)

Hello my blogging buddies! 
Phew! This little teacher is plum-tuckered out :)
I just finished my last week of classroom prep and my 24 fifth graders arrive, bright-eyed and eager, on Tuesday morning!
I cannot wait!!! :)

For my "Five for Friday" this week, I am going to be doing my long-awaited Classroom Reveal! ENJOY! :)

Here are some "Before" shots when I first walked
into my new classroom:

Drum Roll Please..........
Here's a tour of my classroom!

I got this cute "Smart Cookie" display at Target for only $3! :)

Here' the inside of my door:
Each student has an airplane with their name on it.

View from the door:
I found these cute passport cutouts and
decided to use them as my name tags:
Isn't Remington an epic name? :)
Check-in Center:
This is where students will turn their homework in each morning:
When a student needs to go to the bathroom, they put the hand sanitizer bottle on their desk. When they return, they squirt some on their hands and put it back.
 Lunch Options:
 Mystery Soldiers board
(you can read about it HERE)
Front of the classroom: 
My travel-themed behavior clip chart
It is available from my TpT store here.
 Here is a close-up of my "Road to Comprehension" Charts:

 My Classroom Library:

My VOICES and CRAFT area
*Acronym decor from the talented Ladybug Teacher Files 
 My desk area:
  My Helper Desk: 
I am so blessed with a daily high school Teacher Assistant
AND a parent helper coming in three times a week :)
 View from my desk:
 Baggage Claim:
This is where students will hang their backpacks
 Each student has a suitcase with their number on it beside their hook:
These numbered tags are available in my store for only $1

Cabinet/Sink Area:
 Over the sink: 
These fabulous "We Believe" statements were made by the fabulous Catherine at "The Brown-Bag Teacher"
I snagged them during the Back-to-School Sale!
Partition Wall
One of the walls in my classroom is a partition wall.
At first I was bummed and a little mystified about what to do with it. UNTIL I found out it is...MAGNETIC!
Ah the world of possibilities :)
I bought the huge foam display boards and hot glued super-duper magnets to the back. Instant displays!
Along the wall, I have my drawer of extra supplies that the students can borrow: 
 I use duct tape to label all of the supplies that are mine and should not be in the students' desks.
Whew - Thanks for sticking with me!
I am so excited about this school year!
But first...I need a nap :)


  1. Love your room! It has a welcoming feel for all of your students. Have a great school year!

  2. Your room looks fantastic! I am so jealous of your high school aide and parent helper! And the hand sanitizer is pure genius! Have a great first day:).

  3. LOVE your 'travel" theme! You've really pulled it all together really well. :-)

    From Mrs. Allen’s Teaching Files

  4. Your room looks wonderful! Have a wonderful first day with your students.

  5. Your hard work paid off... it looks AH-mazing! I love the travel theme, girl :) So unique and fun! Way to go!


  6. Your room looks great! So many wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for sharing... We just started a new linky on our blog called Traits Tuesday that is centered around teaching writing with traits--noticed your VOICES chart and thought you might be interested in linking up sometime! You can check it out in our latest post... It's a brand new linky.

    All the best for a wonderful year--
    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  7. I love how consistently you carry your theme through each part of the classroom. It looks beautiful!

  8. Wow! Your room looks amazing!!!! You have done a lot of work. thank you for sharing!

  9. Love the luggage tags with numbers on them. I also label my supplies with duct tape. Great minds think alike:)


  10. Your room looks fantastic! I love the way you incorporated your theme into everything!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
    Find me on Facebook

  11. Wow! I love your room, Jessica. :) The flight theme is so cute, and perfect for older kids! Eekkk - your 'I Believe' statements look fantastic; thanks for sharing a picture of them. :)

    It's nice that you did a mixture of baskets and standing books in your library. It models more of the 'real world' bookstore than just themed containers. How did you decide which books went in baskets vs. standing up?

    Looks great!

    1. Hi Catherine!
      Thanks :) I cannot wait for my fifth graders to arrive!

      I simply have too many books to put them all in baskets. I would need 3 times as many bookshelves to fit them. Plus, I want my fifth graders to start searching through and seeing books like they would in a library or a bookstore.

      I have divided the books by genre - each genre (or sub-genre) has a different colorful dot sticker on the spine, so the kids can be trained to put them away correctly. The small colorful baskets hold books by favorite author (Louis Sachar, Andrew Clements, Katherine Patterson, Margaret Petersen Haddix, etc.) and the large black baskets sort books by historic time period (American Revolution, Civil War, WW1, WW2, Civil Rights, Titanic, etc.) I use the bigger ones because they need to hold both picture and chapter books.

  12. Cute room! I have three magnetic walls and usually love them (except when music was using drums last year, but they're in a new room). It's so easy to put up posters. I'm jealous you have daily helpers. That's awesome!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  13. I love your theme! It is such a fun one that you can do a lot with! I have never done it in the past, but after seeing your room may do it in the future:) I hope that your year is starting off well!

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  14. Your room looks great. love the theme. I tried to go with the iClassroom theme this year but was not sure how to theme things. You did a wonderful job!

    Kristy @ 2 Peas and a Dog Teaching Blog

  15. I love this idea! I can't wait to use it next year! You did an outstanding job!


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