Five for Friday: Back-to-School Frenzy!

Happy Friday, Friends!
This week my fabulous in-laws flew in to spend the week with us - and lend a hand helping me get set up in the classroom! What a tremendous help they were!
Now I'm not ready for a total classroom reveal, but here are some projects I've been working on this week:
1. Check-in Station
You can read about how I created my Where Are You? Board
by clicking HERE.
This is a bulletin board behind my desk:
At the beginning of the year, we do a chapter on maps and at the end of the unit, I like to have my students make a creative map. I use the imaginary country of "Lawlerville" as a model :)
I've also included a list of my favorite things and a poster of encouraging Bible verses for when I need an extra dose of joy, motivation, or patience.
I love that Garfield poster - it describes me perfectly!
3. Rules of the Road
You can read about my "Rules of the Road" activity by clicking HERE.
On the first day of school, after we've discussed the four main rules, each student is going to receive a "Driver's License" that will be signed and hung on the board.
This activity idea can be found in my 30-page
Rules of the Road Packet:
You can snag this puppy for only $2! It's been a hot seller as teachers are planning for a fun and engaging start to a new school year.
Speaking of TpT...
The big TPT sale is happening this Sunday and Monday! All of my resources will be on sale for 20% off, and if you use the promo code BTS13, you'll get an additional 10% off at the checkout!
4. We also took some time to explore Seattle:
We started with a trip to the famous Pike's Place Market:
The most amazing things at the market are the flowers!
Bouquets of fresh-cut flowers are EVERYWHERE!
And the best part...they are so cheap!
This bouquet cost $5!!!
We then had a delicious dinner overlooking the Puget Sound.
My hubby, his sister, Jacey, and me
*The first person to tell me what my shirt means wins ANY product! from my TpT store!*
 We then rode the Ferris wheel for some incredible views on the Puget Sound, the Seattle skyline, and the Olympic Mountains!
Isn't that beautiful?!?
 5. Helpful Blogger Network
If you have any questions about anything on my blog or my TpT store, you can always email me at I will reply back as quickly as possible - to make sure you get my reply, I like to respond to comments via e-mail. To do this, please make sure you are NOT a no-reply blogger. If you are one (or if you aren't sure), check out Jivey's wonderful post on fixing the problem.
On that same note, bloggers in general are a helpful bunch and the amazing Diane from Fifth in the Middle has started a new linky called the "Helpful Blogger Network".
Just go to this new linky and check out the all the bloggers that have committed to helping out all followers, readers, and fellow bloggers!  Bloggers, link up as a helpful blogger too!


  1. your shirt is jean valjean's prison number!!!!

  2. hehe not quick enough!! Totally knew the answer too!! I love your rules of the road! Very clever!! I really need to make a "where are we" board.

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