Tried-it Tuesday: New Bulletin Board Storage from SmileMakers!

Happy Tuesday, blogging friends!
I'm linking up with my bud, Holly,
from Fourth Grade Flipper, for another exciting week of:
For today's "Tried it Tuesday," I am going to share about an AWESOME product that I received in the mail yesterday. Two weeks ago I was contacted by Smile Makers, a Staples company that sells everything a teacher could want, from classroom set-up supplies to craft activities to treasure box toys!
I began perusing their site - it took me FOREVER
to decide what I wanted to try :)
Here are some of the items I was considering 
(clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the SmileMakers website)
Word of the Week Pocket Chart
SCH2484 - Word Of The Week Vocabulary Pocket Chart
Class Scrapbook Pocket Chart
I mean, seriously - how CUTE is that?
TCH1196 - Class Scrapbook Pocket Chart
Cute Library Pockets:

The product I DID choose was...
A new bulletin board supplies holder!
If there was one thing that got damaged from the move across the country, it was my bulletin board boxes. 
And damaged is an understatement :)
Here are how they arrived after being squished
in a moving truck for 8 days:
 This was my BRAND NEW BOX - literally bought
on the last day of school:
*NOW: this is not a bash against this box company - they were very sturdy and held up perfectly well under normal classroom circumstances. However, the moving 2,826 miles was just too much for them...

Anyways, so I KNEW I needed a new one (if not two!)
I was SO excited when the friendly UPS man dropped this off:

I opened the box and saw this:
 It came with very easy-to-follow instructions:
I put the bottom together:
 And then I used duck tape to solidify the bottom, because I have A LOT of stuff:
 Secured the inside flaps too:
 I folded on the lid and...
Isn't it beautiful?
I *LOVE* the quotes - keeps it from being an eye sore in my classroom.
Now, another cool feature about this product is...
it comes with dividers!
I pulled all of my stuff out of my damaged green box and filled up this new puppy! 
The dividers are actually like file folders, so I put the display titles and activities INSIDE each divider and the posters and anchor charts BEHIND each divider.
The sheer organization of it makes my heart pitter-patter :)
I think I need to order another one!
And when I do order something, I'll make sure I take advantage of their "Teacher Perks"
So now I'm off to peruse the SmileMakers website
and fill up my wishlist :)

Question for you: if you could have $100 to spent at Smile Makers, what would you buy?


  1. I would probably buy organizational items.

  2. I have FOUR of these (two are mine and two were left from the previous teacher!). Great choice!! Thanks for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. I love these! They work great :) Glad you were able to replace them after the move!


  4. I had no idea that SmileMakers was a Staples company! I love Staples! I would buy grade specific items and those library pockets along with organizational items!

  5. I have that exact same box, which also was destroyed when I moved back to Chicago in May. Its contents are currently in the trunk of my car until I can make it to a teacher supply store to get a new holder. It's ALWAYS something!

  6. Cute box! I would LOVE one. I agree about the moving - you really get to see what holds up to the test :)

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  7. I would actually love to buy the EXACT same thing! I need these in my life--I had no idea they even existed! :)

  8. I would purchase the Desk Organizer-High. It looks to be perfect to organize the things on my desk. I am still in love with your great refurbished desk organizer.


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