Sparking Student Motivation: Student Driving Licenses

Howdy folks! 
It's crazy to see all of the back-to-school craze 
starting up already. 
This was my only my third week of summer vacation and I'm still in that I-need-to-give-my-brain-a-rest-before-launching-into-a-new-school-year phase.
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But I do recognize that many teachers are thick in the throes of back-to-school prep - and that has made me ponder things I want to try/create/implement.
I'm so excited for the return of Joanne's fun linky party, 

Today I'm going to share an idea that I am planning to implement this upcoming year.
As many of you know, my classroom is travel-themed
and this idea will fit right in :)

At the beginning of the year, we're going to go over our classroom rules, or the "Rules of the Road"

Then, after we've discussed the four rules...

I will give each student their very own Drivers License!

Question: Should I have the students keep their drivers licenses in their desks? or on their desks, with their name tags? as name tags? or display them on the wall?

And then, to extend the idea, I'm planning to implement the idea into my classroom management plan:
Students who are misbehaving and
caught breaking the rules will receive a...

On the other hand, students who are habitually exhibiting role model behavior will receive a "Safe Driver Reward Perk" :)

All of these coupons (and more!) can be found in my 30-page Rules of the Road Packet

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