Setting Up Workshops in the Classroom

Happy Wednesday!
I'm taking a much-needed break from packing to join up with my bloggy friend, Jivey, for her wonderful Workshop Wednesday
This week's theme is 
Tools for Setting Up Workshops

Here are some of the things I do to prepare for reading and writing workshop in my classroom.
*Note: I have not taught math for the past two years, so have no experience with math workshop, but I will be teaching it in the fall, so I'm on the hunt for great ideas!*

I've recently blogged about my
Reading and Writing centers here:

But I will be the first to admit that I simply did not have enough time to do proper Reading and Writing workshop in my classroom. We were departmentalized and I had two reading classes each morning for only 50 minutes each. Plus my reading curriculum was not set up/conducive for Reading Groups, so it was a struggle. Anyway, I did the best I could with the time and material I had/gathered, but I am very much looking forward to next year! I will have a class of my own for the entire day and can manage my schedule the way I want :)

Here are some things I plan to implement:
All of the pictures will take you to the
Pinterest pin or original blog post :)
Daily 5
I've read TONS about the Daily 5
and am really interested in implementing it.
Question: Does anyone have experience with it in the upper grades? Does it work? How much did you have to adjust? 
I'm thinking I'll be doing a modified version: maybe a Daily 3 or 4...
Here's a great post for implementing a Daily 3 in the Intermediate Grades:
Daily 5 word work ideas for junior/intermediate classes

I have also ordered The Book Whisperer, which I hear will change my life :)
As a passionate reading teacher, I can't wait to read it!

 I found a GREAT website with information about launching Reading Workshop in an upper grade schedule:
Launching your Reading Workshop

Here's another great blog post by 3 Teacher Chicks about keeping records during Reading and Writing workshop:
3 Teacher Chicks

I've also read this great book by the famous Laura Candler:
Power Reading Workshop review.
She's got TONS of practical, easy-to-implement iedas.

Once I move and get to see my new classroom(!!!),
I plan to work like crazy to figure out my plan for the fall. 
I will be scouring blogs for ideas, I'm sure :)

I was contacted this morning by a 3rd grade teacher who has started a fabulous FREE website called "Room Recess"
It's chocked-full of great educational games that can be played during various centers throughout the day.
Also I'm...
Looking for More Lovin' :)
Hop on the BlogLovin' Bandwagon! :)
Laura Candler has set up an awesome link-up for TONS of elementary bloggers:
Click this button to...
ANDDDD if you're like me and fit in with both the elementary and middle grades, "Sixth Grade Tales" has a great link-up going too!

Also: This week's Tricks of the Trade topic will be...
How do you keep your desk organized?
What do you use to organize supplies? Papers?
Or have you traded in your teacher desk for something else?
Link up your Tricks of the Trade TOMORROW!


  1. The Book Whisperer is an amazing book. You will love it, it will change the way you teach Reading Workshop.

    Enjoy having your own class all day next year. You will enjoy having the chance to make your own schedule.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Thanks for all the great resources for workshops!! This whole post will take some time to get through, so I'm bookmarking it to come back for a more thorough look. :) Thanks for linking up!!
    ideas by jivey
    Follow me on Facebook!

  3. I like your ideas for The Daily 3! I will be thinking of how I can maybe implement it, along with ideas from The Book Whisperer. Let me know how you like it after you read it, it was certainly life changing for me!

    Sixth Grade Tales
    Follow my new Facebook page

  4. I adapted Daily 5 into Daily 4 (took out "listen to reading" for my 4th graders. For math workshop, I would definitely recommend "Guided Math" by Laney Sammons. Great resource!

    Happy packing!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  5. You will love The Book Whisperer! I just started it and I'm already thinking of all of the things I want to change with my reading instruction. I also use the Daily 5, but I took out the listen to reading and there are days when we don't have time for all 4 due to scheduling issues, but the students do enjoy it!

  6. I do the Daily 5 in the upper grades. I have several blog posts about how I do it besides the one I posted today.

    I count the class read-aloud that I do with the kids as "Listen to Reading" so I still call it Daily 5. Even though they aren't using a listening center, they're still listening to reading, right?

    I read the Book Whisperer last summer and loved it. So many great ideas in there!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason

  7. Thanks for the excellent resources! I will certainly check them out for upper elementary!


    Rockin Resources

  8. All the instructions I have followed to leave my link at the end of my comment, takes me back to your page. I can't quite figure it out! Sorry!


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