Favorite Pins Friday: PinTherapy

~T minus 2 days til Seattle!~
And boy, these last two days have been stress-to-the-full! 
I think I have an ulcer.
Maybe two.
To distract me from my stress,
I've decided to do some pin-therapy :)

The First Grade Parade is hosting a fun summer linky:
Duct tape with a hole punch:
Makes the lapbooks storable within a binder!
Duct tape w/ hole punch - makes the lapbooks storable within a binder!

Decorative duct tape to liven up generic plastic containers:

Decorative duct tape to liven up generic plastic organizers.

All 24 crayons fit in a travel soap box!
All 24 crayons will fit in a soap box :)

Use this FREE checklist to send home when students are missing necessary supplies
Uh-Oh! Missing School Supplies Checklist FREEBIE
Picture of Free Teacher Downloads at Teaching Blog Addict

I love leaves.
I love birds.
I love this:
Window box coffee tables:
Reclaimed Window Coffee Tables
This summer I plan to explore the wonderful world of ModPodge!
Awesome... Guide to Mod Podge ~ One thing that most people don’t know about Mod Podge is that there are several formulas — which are all good for gluing and sealing — but have different finishes. A great list of formulas you can use to achieve various looks on your projects

Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies:
Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies
Apple Fritter Cake:
Apple Fritter Cake and UFOs | * NerdyBaker *
Breakfast Power Shake:
Blend a banana, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 10 oz of milk and 6 ice cubes for a healthy breakfast you can easily take with you.
Well I'm off for another type of therapy...retail therapy!
aka shopping with my mom :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Enjoy shopping with mom! That is always the best kind of shopping!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I love the shelves pin and I don't love birds. It is so pretty! If you find that shopping doesn't help, I bet peanut butter snickers brownie therapy will do the trick:)

  3. Modpodge... LOL! This is such a popular product today. I really chuckle each time I see it. When I was in junior high and high school, ModPodge was all the rage. It was sold everywhere. We made all kinds of goofy items, usually collage based (covering glasses or pieces of wood with magazine cut-outs) and preserving them with ModPodge. Then the product basically went out of sight. The only place you could purchase it was in a craft store and some of them didn't carry it. nearly 40 years later it's back. Goes to prove-- What goes around, comes around! I just repinned an item on Pinterest for making your own ModPodge. LOL again!

    Prayers and best wishes for the move!!!!!

  4. I love that window box coffee table ---- it would be super cute as a curio cabinet too! :)


  5. The duct tape with hole punches is a fabulous idea. I love using dollar store soap containers to store items! Love the coffee table too! Sending good thoughts out for you and your stress :)


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