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Happy Blogiversary to me...
Happy Blogiversary to me...
Happy Blogiversary dear Joy in the Journey
Happy Blogiversary to me...
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  1. Congratulations!! I have a lot of luck with the "secret person" strategy. They never know if I'm watching them that period :)

    Thanks for letting me help out!

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Congrats girly!! My go-to classroom management strategy is pretty simple: proximity. It's amazing, how just walking around the room and maybe a gentle touch on the shoulder can stop many problems before they get out of hand.

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  3. Hi,

    My classroom management technique is a tattle box. Instead of telling me they write it down and it helps build writing skills in K-2. Please note, If it's something severe students will tell me. But often students just have to get it out...For example, Jamie skipped me. Is that worth telling?

    1. What a great strategy!
      I need you to send me your e-mail address so that I can send you your prize package. Unfortunately you are a "no reply blogger" which means I can't reply to your comment by e-mail. There's an easy fix for this. Follow Jivey's tutorial here:

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    3. Margot Owen

      I work with students with autism, so my biggest classroom management technique is increasing communication. This means having pictures ALL over the place (on their desks, around the classroom) making everything accessible to them in a way they can understand. I reward good behavior by having reinforcers around that are preferred.


  4. 1. Amy
    3. I like to organize my students in teams and give team points to encourage team work! The group with the most points at the end of the week earns a special privilege for the following week.

  5. Congratulations on reaching a milestone! This is my first year in my own classroom, so I am still deciding on classroom management, but setting clear expectations is definitely part of it.
    Joanne M.

  6. Happy Blogiversary! from Carol McDonald Lotano Traffic light to control level of voices in the room.

  7. Shannon Davis,
    I like students to reflect on whether they are part of the problem or the solution. Those that are part of the problem need to write me a note on how they were part of the problem, and what they need to do to become part of the solution.

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  9. Name- Ashlee Sikes
    Favorite classroom management strategy- 1-2-3 Magic

  10. Tiffany
    I like to use a strategy to get everyone to come in and work without being told. I go around silently giving a ticket to those who get started without prompting. I don't have to say a word and it gets the attention of others.

  11. Congratulations on your one year bloganniversary!!!!

    My best classroom management strategy is playing "Simon Says". This helps to keep them on task and they get a reward of 'Star Student of the Day' for the person who has the most stars.


  12. Happy 'Birthday'!!! My favorite strategy is to say, "I really like the choices so-and-so is making". All the kids peek over and suddenly everyone is making those choices!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  13. 1. Christelle Patselas
    3. I like the students to work as a team so if the students are staying on task or are caught being particularly good I like to reward them with "Friday Fun Minutes" Then on Friday afternoon, they can play games (which are educational - but the students see it as fun)! They love helping each other stay on task and working together!

  14. Congrats on your milestone! My team has a stamp that we put in students' planners. It is broken up into three sections for the three blocks of time during the day. It also shows behaviors that we want to see. Students' get checks for doing those behaviors or x's for not showing the behaviors. This system lets parents know what their child is doing each day.
    Karen Huffman

  15. Congratulations! My best classroom management tip would be quiet proximity - saying nothing but just circulating works wonders.
    Erin VonderMuhll

  16. Congratulations! I really like to use positive reinforcement and use a student as an example of what good choices to make.

  17. What an amazing giveaway! Happy one year blogiversary to you! :)
    I love to use a behavior clip chart to manage student's visible, accountable, and so easy to use. It focuses on the positive, for the most part and my students have responded well to it.
    Thank you for sharing all these goodies with us!
    Lori Heydt

  18. Congrats!

    I use a variety of classroom strategies, but lately I've been really liking Class Dojo. My students have really responded to it -- especially when I give positive points to students who are working hard ans quietly. The other kids look over to see what that kid was doing to earn the point and then they mimic the behaviour. I also like to have my class work together to earn points towards something big (i.e. a pizza party)

    Stacey Delaney

  19. Ali Wilzbacher
    I use a class bingo board. We make a list together at the beginning of the year of rewards they want to earn. I type up the rewards, cut them apart, & stick them in a bag. We earn a bingo number if we receive a compliment from another teacher, or we earn 2 numbers if we earn a compliment from the principal. Once we make a bingo I pick a reward out of the bag to celebrate.

  20. Ali Wilzbacher
    I use a class bingo board. We make a list together at the beginning of the year of rewards they want to earn. I type up the rewards, cut them apart, & stick them in a bag. We earn a bingo number if we receive a compliment from another teacher, or we earn 2 numbers if we earn a compliment from the principal. Once we make a bingo I pick a reward out of the bag to celebrate.

  21. I'd have to say my biggest management strategies are to keep kids constantly engaged, proximity, and to have natural and immediate consequences for their choices.

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  22. Congrats!
    Shari Placko
    My classroom strategy is the clip chart. It worked WONDERFULLY last year! Also, they earn class cash to "buy" coupon rewards!

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Happy blogiversary! I love your blog. You have such great ideas. I believe my main classroom management strategy is proximity. I love that we have Easiteach pads and this allows me to travel around the room. So if I see any problems, I just simply walk by them while I still teaching. I also then pass it out for them to use as well and that straightens them up quickly because everyone wants to use it.

  25. We are a Capturing Kids Hearts school, so we use a social contract in the classroom. Its really cool because the kids learn to self manage each other. I love it. I work in an urban, lower socio economic area of town so its very important that I also try to make the classroom a place where the kids can come and feel like its a safe place. There are pictures of them all over the room doing activities together and I always stress to them that our classroom is a place where everybody wants everybody else to succeed.
    Sande McNeil

  26. Congrats!! I like to use positive reinforcement in my classroom. I also like to give "the Look" lol.


  27. Congratulations & thank you to you & the other generous bloggers for this giveaway.
    Doreen Bednarski
    Praise kids for doing the right thing. My school is a PBIS schools so we give points. The students love to get points that are used at the school's PBIS store.

  28. Happy Blogiversary!
    My students earn monkey points toward a prize (popcorn, extra recess, etc.)they voted on. I have two classes and they like to see which class can earn their prize first.
    Tanya -

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  30. Pamela Celis
    Wow! Thanks! Congratulations! I'm your newest follower.
    When voices or attention is out of control and I need the class to regroup I just say "manos y ojos" (hands and eyes) and students fold their hands and put their eyes on me. Works really well and is easy to teach even to kinder as long as its taught as a game.

    Rayos de Kinder

  31. Wow! What an incredible giveaway! Thank you so much and HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! My best classroom management tip is to teach routines immediately - and allow for practice! Your classroom will run smoothly by winter break if you have some patience :)


  32. Congrats again Jessica! Thanks for letting me help out with your celebration! :)

    What worked really well when I worked with pre-schoolers was saying things like "Oh, I like how Johnny/Susie is doing...." it seemed to get the others on track pretty quickly.

    Funds of Knowledge

  33. Mendi Resendez

    Our school uses handing out red tickets for good behavior. On Fridays we draw names for small prizes/treats from those tickets ;)

  34. Jillian Fletcher

    My favorite classroom management strategy is to reward students for good behavior. On Fridays students who have stayed off red all week get to pick a reward from the binder (lunch with the teacher, prize box, bring a stuffed animal to school, etc). They love it.

  35. My favorite classroom management strategy is to start off the year with exactly what expectations you have...easier to relent later than vice versa!

    Congrats on your blogiversary!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  36. Congrats on your milestone! I use a lot of positive reinforcement and proximity to control behavior problems. I also don't offer prizes or treats because I want the behavior to be intrinsic and it's own reward--I don't want them thinking if I do this, then I'll get that.


  37. Congrats! That's so exciting!
    I like to use a fluid behavior chart, but I am excited to included brag tags this year. :)

    Sweetie4 at gmail dot com
    Jessica D

  38. Congratulations to you!
    Megan Marske

    My favorite classroom management strategy is to have a classroom mission statement that we say every morning, and refer back to often. Students who behave out of conduct have to write the mission statement as a consequence X number of times, and write a paragraph explaining why their behavior was not in line with the mission statement.

  39. Congratulations! You have a wonderful blog. I think an important part of classroom management is the use of a quiet signal. Something that the teacher does/says/etc. to show the class that it is time to listen.

    Jennifer M

  40. Congrats on all of the followers! My best classroom management tip is to try Whole Brain Teaching! It may sound silly for upper grades but it is fun!


    1. Just discovered WBT this past year, in May... my sixers loved it and responded to it better than almost anything. Not so much with the fifth grade, but I'm going to continue with it this year.

  41. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary, Jessica!

    My favorite classroom managements strategy is THE LOOK! My kids call it my ice blue state. I've honed THE LOOK for over 30 years. If students are off task or misbehaving the silent look brings them right back.

  42. Congratulations to you!!
    Marie Madden
    I like the class DoJo!

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Congratulations!!!
    Lisa Sonenshine
    I use a behavior chart and classroom economy.

  45. Lisa Cantwell
    My favorite classroom strategy is to greet each student at the door and say good morning. Sets the tone for the day and you can find out what kind of mood each student is so you can be proactive, rather than reactive!

  46. Congrats on your milestone. This is an amazing and generous giveaway. I am also hosting a 100 followers giveaway on my blog. I have over 50 prizes so far. If you are interested, it will be starting live tomorrow. Check it out at
    In my class, I just love using calling sticks. This prevents blurting out and everyone gets a turn to respond.

  47. Congrats on your blogiversary! I'm really excited to try my new apps I plan to use with a "secret person" to manage my classroom!

  48. Happy Blogiversary! What an exciting giveaway! My favorite classroom management technique is the Daily 5 structure for both math and reading. Helping my students build their independence and teaching them HOW to work on their own and with partners, gives me the time I need to know every student and how they are progressing.
    Sara Schlickbernd

  49. Congratulations! Your blog is simply amazing and huge blessing to me. Thank you,

  50. Irene
    Congratulations! My favorite classroom strategy
    is to have conferences with each of my students daily. Even if its one or two minutes, it helps be build rapport with my students and evaluate their progress.

  51. Congrats on your blogiversary and THANKS for such an amazing giveaway! My kiddos and I love to do whole class bingo. When the whole class gets a compliment, is working quietly, reaches a milestone, etc... I draw a bingo number and mark it off on our board. When we get a bingo, the class gets a reward!

    Thanks so much! :)
    Cathy VerSteeg

  52. Happy 1 year! I'm holding my giveaway this weekend too. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win stuff too.

    I love taking the time to get to know my students at the start of the year.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  53. I use a card system in a pocket chart for each of my students...4 cards. Each instructional block my students start off with a star card. The cards are changed when a student has difficulty following expectations. I also provided raffle tickets for students who have their star card still on top at the conclusion of each lesson. On Friday, I pull tickets for prizes!
    Bronwen Thornton

  54. Happy Blogiversary! Your verb alphabet cards look terrific! I love my Dazzle Meter that I use to reward kiddos who are doing the right thing and going above and beyond.

  55. I use a classroom economy!

  56. Congratulations!
    1. Jolene Sale
    3. I always try to teach from various spots around the room. I use positive reinforcement and we practice, practice, practice routines and expectations!

  57. Kristen Stone
    I put my students into groups and we have a contest to see which table/group can get the most points for a whole week. Sometimes I do it daily - depending on behavior. They love seeing who will win each week.

  58. Happy anniversary!
    Love and Logic is what I use for behavior management.
    Darlene Andre

  59. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for the giveaways! My name is Becca Adams. My email is
    My go-to management strategy is positive buy-in. I use a bucket fillers system. Makes for a much warmer and friendly environment.

  60. Julie Winters
    My classroom management strategy is just walking around maybe a touch to their shoulder or chair just to get their attention. Congrats on your Blogiversary!!!

  61. Kerry
    The best thing I've incorporated into my classroom in the past few years is having the kids use hand signals to ask questions. They raise one finger if they need to use the restroom, two fingers for drink, three fingers if they need a pencil, 4 fingers if they need to go to the office, and 5 fingers if they have a question. I can easily shake my head 'yes' or 'no' and keep right on teaching. Fewer interruptions!

  62. My favorite management is giving out poker chips for doing the right thing. At the end of the day they add up their values and keep track. Winnings are collected on Friday.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  63. I use class dojo, champs, a behavior party, and class/yes in my 6th grade classroom.

  64. also my name is Elizabeth Seibel and my email is Elizabeth.Seibel @

  65. Holly
    Behavior charts.

    Happy blogversary!

  66. I haven't used them yet, but am excited to start using behavior beads in my room this year

  67. Happy Blogiversary!! What a great day!! I am so excited for you and what a great way to share classroom management ideas!! I have classroom jobs for my students and I actually pay them with our school bucks for a job well done, for having great behavior, and for completing their homework. They take it very seriously, it helps our class run smoothly, and they get to go to the school store to spend their bucks. They love it. Plus, the power of the Skittle can be great! Ha! :)

    Shana Grooms

  68. Something I do to get straight and quiet lines is I make it a competition between boys and girls. I have them line up in two lines, one boys and one girls, and whichever is quietest, straightest, walking best gets to go in the cafeteria first for lunch!
    Teaching in the Valley

  69. Happy Blogiversary! My email is and my best classroom management practice is proximity. I am often amazed how a little touch on the shoulder or wink at one of my off-task friends can remind them of my expectations.

  70. Hi, I think the best strategy in to start strong and get procedures in place. Takes time up front, but it's totally worth it.


  71. Happy Blogiversary!! My name is Elissa and my email address is I have been reading about Whole Brain Teaching this summer and will have a handful of new classroom management strategies to try. I love the Scoreboard! :)

  72. My best strategy is really to have clear and consistent expectations set right from the start!


  73. Mindy
    My school uses CHAMPS for behavior management. Having the same expectations for behavior spelled out clearly in consistent language has really helped because we are all on the same page.

  74. Happy Blogiversary! My name is Brandi and email is This past year was my first year teaching and this year I'm adopting the Desk Dollars created by Surfin' Through Second ( and I'm beyond excited to try it! This is going to provide accountability to my students and teach real life economics!!

  75. THanks so much for the opportunity to win so many amazing products!
    My favorite classroom management technique is my PBIS behavior clip chart.

  76. Yay for you! My name is Steph
    One of my strategies that works is placing a green, yellow, or red disk on their desk (just laminated construction paper, with a circle punch). Red says "stop talking" with a diagonal line through it, the yellow says "better choice?", and green says "keep it up". If they get 2 they automatically (and quietly) move their clip. Two greens can be traded for our reward ticket. I don't have to say anything. I get just as tired as the kids do hearing me tell them over and over again to pay attention, be quiet, get to work, etc.

  77. Congrats on your Blogiversary! I use PBIS, a clip chart and school dollars. Thank You

  78. My name is Veronica. My email is

    My classroom management strategy that I use is ClassDojo. The students earn positive and negative points. Once they earn a certain amount of points, they can change the way their avatar looks. The program even sends reports to the parents each week. It's fabulous!

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Marianne Lowe
    Classroom Management favorite would be a fast finishers. My kindergarteners are so diverse that if they don't stay engaged they cause trouble.

  81. My best strategy is getting everyone involved in discussion (accountable) by using an iphone/ipad app. called stickpix. Everyone has equal chance of participating and they know I'm not "playing favorites" because the can see the names generated on the projector screen.

  82. Happy Blogiversary!
    I am going to try Class Dojo this year! I am usually a move your pin type of girl.
    Hilary (
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  83. Name: Liliana Effio
    Favorite Classroom Management Technique: I use a clip chart for individual behavior as well as raffle tickets that they turn into a jar and I pull a couple of names from once a week.
    Thank you and Congrats!

  84. Congratulations!!! :)
    Lorena, lorepuckett at verizon dot net
    My new principal last year introduced us to the Bucket Filler books and I used to flip cards but I'm going to try the clip chart this year! :)
    Thank you!!!

  85. One of best blogs I have come across!

  86. Happy Blogiversary!

    Positive reinforcement is a big one in my classroom.

  87. Happy Anniversary to you!

    My all time fav tool/trick is my Handy Helpers chart. I assign each student a day of the week and that is their day to help do whatever needs to be done. I have a chart for each day with hands and the students names are written on the hands. I simply change the chart everyday instead of changing names and jobs. The names are written in Vis-a-Vi so I just wash names off at the end of the year and start over.

  88. Congratulations!
    1. My name is Roseanne Welte
    2. My email address is
    3. My best classroom management strategy is to keep the students engaged when they are on task they are less likely to act out.

    Thank you

  89. HI:)
    Happy Blogiversary!!! I love having a "scout" (from GLAD) during whole group time. That way he/she chooses who earns tickets (PBIS)and the scout needs to verbalize why their friend earned a ticket.


  90. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    1. Anna
    3. I have found that the best thing to do is be simple and stick with it. I have a warning-away from the group-safe seat progression -- if a student is not following directions in any way, they first get a warning, then if they do it again (or something similar), they go back to their seat or push their chair out from their table for a bit, and the 3rd time they go to the safe seat and have to write/draw me an apology note acknowledging what they did and what they were supposed to do. If they continue to misbehave, they go to a buddy room and then to the principal, but that RARELY has to happen.

    I teach K, so at the beginning of the year, this system "resets" during our different parts of the day and is only for individual behaviors (talking out of turn would get a warning, then standing on the chair would be another warning rather than pushing their chair out). Mid-year, I transition to having it for everything (no matter the misbehavior, #1 gets a warning, and #2 is back to your seat, etc) and it resets after lunch; by March there are no resets. If a student makes it to the safe seat twice in a day, or goes to a buddy room or the principal, they also write/draw a note home to their parents (and I will add my notes to it if necessary) about what happened.

  91. Pam
    My best strategy is to get procedures and expectations down pat in the beginning of school.

  92. Jerrie Sigut
    I assign each student a line number. When I call that number, the student assigned to that number gets in line. It makes transition time quick and a sub's life easier!

  93. I use a class economy system. I love it. It works for all aspects of the day.

  94. Yay! You're one! That's quite an accomplishment!

    My go to management techniques are: engagement, positive phrasing of expectations, proximity, consistency, and natural consequences.

    Happy Blogiversary!
    Read With Me ABC

  95. Hi
    Kenya S
    I have been doing some research and I think I will use some of the WBT techniques as well as simply laying out my high expectations early on.

  96. Hi,
    My go to is Class Dojo. I've used it for two years with two completely different student behaviors and I love it!

  97. My favorite technique is to talk in a quiet voice. It forces students to listen closely without talking. People who come into my room often comment on how softly I am speaking and how quiet the students are.

  98. Congratulations! What a milestone!
    My name is Jessica Reinartz and my email is
    My best classroom management strategy is what I call "smellies." They are the kids scented and flavored chap sticks. When I see a student/table making great choices, I put a smelly on their hands! They love to get them!

  99. Congrats on your blogiversary! I use a behavior clip chart in my classroom.


  100. 1. Eilidh
    3. Last year I tried out using Class Dojo, and my kids were really into it. It was nice to be able to reward those students who are always doing the right thing, but also showing students specifically which behaviors are or are not acceptable. I'm looking forward to bringing the parent "aspect" into play this year.

  101. Happy Blogiversary! What a fun giveaway.

    My favorite classroom management has been to have tables of students compete for table clips. We have signs for each table hanging up (decorated with a team name). Kids earn clips (clothespins) for various things like having all their work done, especially good behavior, being the first table to have all materials out or get to a certain page, really anything I would like to reinforce. The winning table gets some sort of treat. Most of the time it is something simple but sometimes it could be donuts or a treat I have brought back from a trip. I do have to say my husband is a good sport about my hunt for fun tasks prizes while on vacation.

    room 4 imagination

    1. Oops I forgot my email

  102. Happy Anniversary!! My best classroom management strategy is to show respect to all students all the time. I have found that if you show the students you respect them as individuals they will return that respect and the disruptions are minimal if at all.

  103. Happy Blogversary!!! You're 1!!

    1. Tina
    3. Class room management strategy - When I teach, I teach adults. I lay the ground rules in the beginning of the class and stick to them. No reminding, belittling, or calling people out. The class starts on time and finishes on time. If they miss something it is their responsibility to get the information or ask for it. Since they are adults - I treat them that way. It works well for the most part. :-)

    My neighbor is a 1st grade teacher - amazing woman! I wish my child had such a phenomenal teacher at that age. :-) If I win (PLEASE!) anything I get that I can't use goes to her for her classes.

  104. Hi!

    My classroom management is pretty simple: I teach my students the meaning of RESPECT and our only class rule is to show respect at ALL TIMES. I then hold them accountable for doing just that! :-)

    Allison Kelly
    alliek323 (at) gmail (dot) com

  105. Great giveaways!

    My kids will do just about anything for a "brownie point." When they fill up a pan of brownies (25) I bake them brownies.

    Heather Haugen

  106. Happy blogiversary. What an amazing giveaway!! I have your verb cards on my wishlist!!! I am so sorry I missed the post to donate to your giveaway :( but I am happy I did not miss this one.
    My advice is be firm and consistent - good times will follow!

  107. 1. Christin
    3. I treat the kids like they are my family and make sure they know that I love each and every one of them. It usually helps to influence their "want" to be good.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Shifting Teacher K-2

    My classroom management tip is to teach, practice and discuss the Seven Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. They really help students learn to be responsible for their choices.
    Danee Pfeiffer

  109. Elizabeth

    Positive rewards... catch being good!!!

    Happy Blogiversary!!! SO happy to be part of it!
    Hodges Herald

  110. Congratulations! I love whole brain teaching.

  111. 1. Dinah Ely
    3. My classroom management tip is to find a great incentive or motivator that your kids will work for. My kids love racing on Nitrotype. So in order to practice their typing and race they have to finish their schoolwork/homework to my expectations , ie. write neatly, answer all the questions, finish on time, etc.

    Happy Blogversary!

  112. My advice is to be consistent, positive reinforcement and if your kids know you care that will make a world of a difference!

  113. Yay.. congrats! Honestly my best strategy is to respect all students and not be too nice in the beginning! Sounds a little lame but it is totally effective, LOL. I'm also sorry to have missed out on donating, been a crazy few weeks!
    :) Erin

  114. Way to go. I am Lori Trainor and my e-mail is My best management strategy is warm fuzzies and coupon rewards. My students do so well to try and earn a warm fuzzy and to exchange them for their favorite coupon. I also use a secret walker when walking in the halls, which works great because they want to earn a warm fuzzy.

  115. Respect all of my students, have clear expectations and consequences. Also, I love my Take a Break space for those times when a child needs to get away, calm down and regroup.

  116. I use stamps to reward good behavior in my class. They collect these stamps and then spend them in the Fun Friday store. Most of the time I have a Prize Bucket with small prizes, pencils, candy, stickers, and every now and then I will pull out a big prize or have an extra recess.


  117. Pulling three name sticks from the container to give table points. If those students are ready, their teams get points. A table might get up to three points if those three students ae ready.

  118. I write noise on the board at the beginning of the day. Each time the whole class is working productively I take off a letter if earn all end of day we play a game at the end of that day! :)


  119. Angel

    Congrats! Class dojo has worked wonders in my class!

  120. I start each year with the Green Yellow Red behavior chart along with a monthly calendar that the students fill out daily. This is a great way to communicate with parents. I have also added a Purple card. Purple cards represent the student went above and beyond!


  121. Lindsey

    I am changing things up this year as I'm changing grades, but I will still use a combination of individual and class rewards. That with keeping them engaged helps eliminate most behavior issues!

  122. I have a little orange cone that sits on one desk, that student is the student of the day, and does all helping, gathering, passing out, and whatever else comes up that I need a helper for. That student gives it to the next student at the end of the day. The order is according to the homework chart posted on the wall. Totally student managed!

  123. I hand out star tickets (raffle tickets) whenever a student is doing something they should. The child can use the tickets to save up to buy something from the treasure box, or to buy a special reward time (free gym time, sit with a friend, etc.)


  124. I have chips that students earn daily for good behaviors. They can also earn extra chips for going above and beyond what is expected. They pay chips for no name papers, using the RR outside of a scheduled time, unless deemed necessary. They can then redeem chips once a semester at a "store".

  125. My best management strategy is to make a connection with your students. It is all about the relationship you have with them.

  126. Well I've been teaching K and 1st pretty much. I just work on having a community from day one, lots of routines and I must have a pretty good sense of humor because my students are always telling me how funny I am! A sense of the wacky - not taking everything so earth shatteringly seriously can help allieviate stress for kids and me.

  127. Congratulations! My best management strategy would be to form a relationship with the students. If the students know you care, they will perform better in your class. Additionally I give out little tickets with my last name on the front that students write their name on the back. I give these out for positive behaviors and draw one or two on Fridays for students to choose something out of the "goodie" box.

  128. Congrats!! I love that you're sharing the JOY! I believe in organization, chocolate, and lots of prayer : )

    Hokie Teach

  129. Happy Blogiversary!

    Morning meetings and responsive classroom are the best!

    Can't wait to keep following you for years to come!

    Flamingos and Butterflies

  130. I started using the clip chart behavior system a year and a half ago and I love it! The kids understand it so well and I like that it is one system for both positive and negative consequences.

  131. Happy Blogiversary!

    I love pulling name sticks as a classroom management strategy b/c then students have to pay attention since they never know when their name will be called. I also use group points/competition.
    Lyn S

  132. Kathy
    We are a homeschool family. I have a autistic son and a toddler. Our classroom strategy is to keep learning fun and interesting. Lots of hands on learning.

  133. Congrats on both your move across the continent AND you blog anniversary!! Many thanks to you and everyone for all the freebies...awesome of you guys!! :)

    A favorite management tip is to have a small jar with tokens with each student's number on it. When it is time to go somewhere, I pick out 2 without anyone seeing which two, and then say I will be "watching" those two to see if they did a good job transitioning. When we return to the room, if they did do a good job, they get to put stickers on a gumball machine cut-out. Once the jar is filled, the whole class gets a reward. I never tell who they were if they don't make it, and sometimes, I have been known to not give any points, if I felt the class as a whole did not move correctly. :)

  134. Happy bloggiversary!
    1. Kirra Lehmann
    2. maestra.kirra(at)
    3. I make time to get to know my students, so they know that I care about who they are. Establishing this relationship and trust can make a huge difference! They know that you are on their side and they don't want to disappoint you. This has helped me work with kids from kindergarten right through to high school :)

  135. Hey, Happy Bloggiversary!
    My name is Alex Lindsey. My email is
    My favorite classroom management is Mel's (from seusstastic blog) warm fuzzies! It really works and her classroom coupons are wonderful! Love IT!

  136. Happy Blogiversary! My name is Veronica and my email is My favorite classroom management is using the behavior clip chart. However, I also have an incentive ticket exchange for students who are "caught making great choices". When they get a ticket they are able to enter it into a box for the end of the week drawing for an extra reward. :)

  137. Happy Blogiversary!!! My name is Lauren. I teach third grade in Delaware :) I love using my behavior clip chart. The kids love being able to move past green to pink and purple and hate moving down. I use their numbers and not names though so visitors to the class are not aware of what children are on what color :)


  138. Happy, Happy Anniversary! My name is Deb and I teach a 3/4 combination grade. I use a classroom ticket system that works for me. Students can redeem their tickets every 2 or 3 weeks. I also use proximity as much as possible. That is probably more effective than the tickets but students love getting something too!

    Thanks so much!

  139. Happy times friend!!!! I like positive reinforcement in my classroom! Rewarding my students for doing something well!


  140. Happy Blogiversary :)
    Katina Miller
    I would say for individual is my incentive charts- every 10 stickers is a treasure box ;)
    Whole class would be our pom pom bucket- once it's full they vote on a party or their choice!!

  141. Hello! Congrats on your year! This is my first trip to Bloglovin! I enjoyed reading your blog. The best and most effective classroom management strategy I have is building a rapport with my students. As a result, my behavior issues are down to a minimum! Thanks!


  142. I use a lot of strategies, but one I found to be extra effective with my class last year was using classdojo. I didn't put it up on the projector like some people I know did (in part b/c it would've blocked our whiteboard) because they never knew from whom I was giving the point/taking away the point. That caused all my kids to be a little more self aware and thing, could it have been me (and straighten up or feel recognized).

  143. My go to management strategy is to spend a lot of time teaching procedures and expectations at the beginning of the year. Setting that up early and letting students know it is important to me is key in my classroom.
    Congrats on your blogaversary! I really enjoy following your blog and I've gotten a lot of great ideas to try in my own classroom!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  144. Happy Blogaversary! I love using Class Dojo in class and rewarding the positives with tickets for prize coupons.

    scrapmoose at gmail dotcom

  145. Happy Blogiversary!
    One of the tools is use is "the look". It stops almost everything. If that does not work I use proximity.

  146. I use the nurtured hear spproach. It's especially designed for the tougher kids (behavior wise) but its really just good teaching and SO logical!
    Reyesremarkablerants at gmail dot com

    Happy blogoversary

  147. As an EBD teacher, I have LOTS of behavior management strategies that I use daily. But the best way to avoid behavior issues is to teach, teach, and re-teach expectations! Teachers are so good at doing this at the beginning of the year, but we always need to make sure we are reminding students of what we expect throughout the year, and acknowledge students when you see them doing it! :)

  148. I think the most important part of classroom management is letting students clearly know what the expectations are. Most children who don't follow directions, don't know what those directions are. I really like how the Daily 5 book says how to explain different tasks in the classroom. Model the correct way to do something and then have students model the incorrect and correct ways.

    Thanks so much for all of the cool items!!


  149. I believe in giving students choices, therefore I make a list of goodies that they can choose from when they reach a set point value. I use a clip chart for behavior management and the kiddos earn points based on where they are each day on the chart. My list of choices includes extra recess, a diet soda, extra technology time, etc. Very motivating! It is always a surprise to see what they select. I have rules and routines, and they know they don't get their choice immediately but must wait until the following day.

    Thank you for all the freebies. Love it!


  150. Oops! Forgot my email address.

    Thanks again

  151. Ok - the giveaway is now officially OVER!
    A HUGE thanks to everyone who donated, commented, shared, and wrote sweet comments on encouragement. I am FLOORED by the number of responses...and will now be getting carpel tunnel as I send out 158 e-mails :)

    Joy in the Journey

  152. Congrats!!! My name is Jacque Cunningham. My email is I use CHAMPS in my classroom. My biggest tip is to teach and retract procedures at the beginning of the year an then throughout the year. This will set you up for success. The students won't know what you want unless you SHOW them!

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