Back to School Goals and Me in 5th Grade!

I'm linking up today with Jess from "I {heart} Recess"
I {Heart} Recess
for her Monthly Goals Linky Party.
This month's theme is Back-to-School!
School Kids at School
Here are my goals:
Also, Jess recently had a fun linky party, "Time Travel Tuesday" where bloggers show pictures of them at the age that they now teach. So I had my parents dig around and scan a picture of me in 5th grade:
Grade:  5th Grade
Year: 1999-2000
School: Hightower Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. Turbiddy
Favorites: American Girl dolls, Children's Choir, Pokemon,
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Memories:  1. The entire fifth grade went to Camp Classen for a fun, adventure-filled week (brave teachers!), 
2. We re-enacted the entrance into Ellis Island (we all got identities and had to dress up and play the part) and I was deported back to my home country! I was devestated.
3. We were afraid that when the year 2000 came, our computers would all crash. I was slightly disappointed that no catastrophe occurred.
4. I had a HUGE crush on a boy in my class, Matt Bunker.
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  1. Look how sweet you were, er, ARE! LOL about the computer 2000 crash fears. I remember that well. I think I might have to dig around for my sixth grade picture, not that I can remember anything about anything that long ago. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your motto! I'm thinking this would be a great Scripture to have my students memorize. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You won't regret the time invested in reading The Book Whisperer! It had a positive impact on things I did in my room for the last two years for sure!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  3. I loved Book Whisperer! My only regret is that I have it on my Kindle and wished I had the hard copy!!
    How cute were you in 5th grade? Although, you are making me feel SO old! I graduated college in 2000! Wow. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. Love this! I think I'll join the goal linky! :-) I saw on Pinterest where someone posted about organizing their task cards! Check it out

  5. I used to wish my name was Mary Kate or Ashley - loved those girls! :)

    The Sweetest Thing
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