Back to School Goals and Me in 5th Grade!

I'm linking up today with Jess from "I {heart} Recess"
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This month's theme is Back-to-School!
School Kids at School
Here are my goals:
Also, Jess recently had a fun linky party, "Time Travel Tuesday" where bloggers show pictures of them at the age that they now teach. So I had my parents dig around and scan a picture of me in 5th grade:
Grade:  5th Grade
Year: 1999-2000
School: Hightower Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. Turbiddy
Favorites: American Girl dolls, Children's Choir, Pokemon,
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Memories:  1. The entire fifth grade went to Camp Classen for a fun, adventure-filled week (brave teachers!), 
2. We re-enacted the entrance into Ellis Island (we all got identities and had to dress up and play the part) and I was deported back to my home country! I was devestated.
3. We were afraid that when the year 2000 came, our computers would all crash. I was slightly disappointed that no catastrophe occurred.
4. I had a HUGE crush on a boy in my class, Matt Bunker.
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Tried-it Tuesday: New Bulletin Board Storage from SmileMakers!

Happy Tuesday, blogging friends!
I'm linking up with my bud, Holly,
from Fourth Grade Flipper, for another exciting week of:
For today's "Tried it Tuesday," I am going to share about an AWESOME product that I received in the mail yesterday. Two weeks ago I was contacted by Smile Makers, a Staples company that sells everything a teacher could want, from classroom set-up supplies to craft activities to treasure box toys!
I began perusing their site - it took me FOREVER
to decide what I wanted to try :)
Here are some of the items I was considering 
(clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the SmileMakers website)
Word of the Week Pocket Chart
SCH2484 - Word Of The Week Vocabulary Pocket Chart
Class Scrapbook Pocket Chart
I mean, seriously - how CUTE is that?
TCH1196 - Class Scrapbook Pocket Chart
Cute Library Pockets:

The product I DID choose was...
A new bulletin board supplies holder!
If there was one thing that got damaged from the move across the country, it was my bulletin board boxes. 
And damaged is an understatement :)
Here are how they arrived after being squished
in a moving truck for 8 days:
 This was my BRAND NEW BOX - literally bought
on the last day of school:
*NOW: this is not a bash against this box company - they were very sturdy and held up perfectly well under normal classroom circumstances. However, the moving 2,826 miles was just too much for them...

Anyways, so I KNEW I needed a new one (if not two!)
I was SO excited when the friendly UPS man dropped this off:

I opened the box and saw this:
 It came with very easy-to-follow instructions:
I put the bottom together:
 And then I used duck tape to solidify the bottom, because I have A LOT of stuff:
 Secured the inside flaps too:
 I folded on the lid and...
Isn't it beautiful?
I *LOVE* the quotes - keeps it from being an eye sore in my classroom.
Now, another cool feature about this product is...
it comes with dividers!
I pulled all of my stuff out of my damaged green box and filled up this new puppy! 
The dividers are actually like file folders, so I put the display titles and activities INSIDE each divider and the posters and anchor charts BEHIND each divider.
The sheer organization of it makes my heart pitter-patter :)
I think I need to order another one!
And when I do order something, I'll make sure I take advantage of their "Teacher Perks"
So now I'm off to peruse the SmileMakers website
and fill up my wishlist :)

Question for you: if you could have $100 to spent at Smile Makers, what would you buy?

Monday Made-It: Desk Organizer, 150th Product FREEBIE, and Crepes...oh my!

Happy Monday!
Phew! What an AWESOME giveaway weekend!
Thank-you SO MUCH to everyone who donated, commented, shared, and entered my Blogiversary Giveaway! I was FLOORED by the number of comments - 158! If you commented, you'll be receiving an e-mail with the EVERYBODY WINS prize package today...if I don't die of carple tunnel first from all that clicking :)
(Question: Can you die of carpel tunnel?)
Anyways, I want to welcome all of my new readers! and share with you some things I've been MAKING this week:
Confession: I love thrift stores.
I will literally veer off the road I'm on if I see a sign for one.
My hubby says it's mostly junk.
My mom doesn't like the smell.
But I LOVE the hunt.
The hunt for treasures amidst the junk :)
This week I found a treasure...
a super ugly desk organizer!
Now before you mock it for it's ugliness, I must tell you that it is
sturdy, functional, and only cost me $2.99!
So I decided to ungracefully plop place it gingerly in my cart and work some magic to "pretty it up"

 Here are my tools I used to attack:
I got the large alphabet and polka dot stickers from the fabulous land of joy aka the Dollar Tree
Notice the Goo-Gone (bottle on the top right)
Have you ever used it?
It is fab.u.lous.
It literally makes goo gone.
Any kind of sticky mess disappears. 
Cheap price tags won't come off clean?
Goo Gone to the rescue!
It's my "Must-Have Monday!" :)
And, after a lot of scrubbing, de-gunking* (see Goo Gone above), measuring, printing (again and again), laminating, and sticking...
I stole the famous "To Copy, To Grade, To File" idea and printed out labels to fit the odd-sized half-moons :) I laminated my labels and stuck them on with double-sided tape:
The sides:
And the back: This is what the students will see when they walk up to my desk :)

This has been a week of milestones for this little ole blog! :)
Today I posted my...
To celebrate the 150th product,
I knew I wanted to make a FREEBIE to share the joy :)
I used to be wary of assigning a book report and letting the kiddos choose a book that had a movie - afraid that too many of my students would take the "easy way out" and just watch the movie, missing the fabulous details included in the book. Oftentimes, the books were very different from the movie, so it was easy to tell who had taken the short cut. 
To ease my conscience and give my students to BOTH read the book AND watch the movie, I created this fun project to test their comparing and contrasting skills. This FREE packet includes 4 graphic organizers to use when comparing and contrasting details from a book and the movie that it inspired.
Click on the pictures above or HERE to grab your FREEBIE!
If you download it and like it, please leave me some love :)

In honor of my pal, Christy's, fun linky party, I want to share one of my favorite breakfast recipes, Crepes!
They're like pancakes, but are thinner and larger.
Growing up in Canada, this is what we called pancakes. 
I didn't have an "IHOP-style" pancake until I moved to the states!
My hubby now differentiates between crepes and "man-cakes" (regular pancakes - because they're thick and "manly" if pancakes could take on gender)
  This is what your crepe should look like when you flip it over:
The key is a new dollop of butter between each crepe - but don't let it burn on the pan.
I scrape about 1/2 t. of butter into the pan and then immediately pour my crepe batter into the pan.
Make sure your frying pan is on medium-high.
That's it! Now you're ready to enjoy :) 
As a true Canadian, we only eat pure maple syrup in this house :)
And when I'm feeling particularly gluttonous, I love mine with Nutella and strawberries:

 Well I'm off to shop for my School Supply Secret Santa Gift :)
I wonder if it's you?!?!
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