Welcome June!

Welcome June!
Month of June at the Beach
Ahh June.
What a lovely month.
What a hectic month.
What a bittersweet month: half of my yearns for summer.
The other half longs for more time with my kiddos.

Speaking of summer, looking for something to keep your students SHARP during the summer months?
I've created this FUN and ENGAGING packet with 10 activities
(1 per week during the summer)
I'm going to send it home with my kiddos to complete over the summer. Next year's teachers will thank you!
Click HERE to snag it from my TpT store.

Now onto the main event...

I'm linking up with Farley for her famous "Currently" linky:

I don't know what it's like on your end of the country (or world!) but here it is H-O-T!
Cute Sun
This little gal doesn't handle the heat well.
It typically causes crankiness.
Hubby put the air conditioner in and for that,
I will be eternally grateful :)

I went to an awesome book sale at my library today -
children's books were 25 cents!
I came away with a boatload :)

My hubby just graduated with his Masters and
now we'll be moving to...
wherever we can find someone to pay him :) 

Funny Bee Holding a Globe
So the job hunt continues.
And once he finds a job, my hunt will begin!
I am playing the independent woman this weekend as my hubby is up in Canada for a church-planting conference. It was fun...for the first two hours. Now I am lonely and want him to come back :)
Boy and Dog Flying an Airplane
However, this week is his birthday and our wedding anniversary so his being out of town gave me lots of much-needed shopping opportunities :)
Birthday Cake
On Thursday I laminated almost 80 feet!
I've cut out more than half of it, and my living room carpet
 is riddled with itty bitty plastic pieces :)

3 Vacation Essentials
1. A good book - there is nothing better than a warm summer afternoon spent with a good book
Open Book
My to-be-read pile is ever-growing :)
2. Peaches - ever since I was a kid, they represented lazy summer afternoons, hot days spent playing at the beach, and deliciousness. It's always been my motto that the best things in life drip down your arm :)
3. Ice cream!
Summer Ice Cream Cone
No explanation needed.
Ice cream is wonderful, plain and simple.

~Let the JUNE celebration continue...~
A professor in college always quoted the adage
"If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail"
So I am joining the fun with Jessica at "I {Heart} Recess"
I {Heart} Recess
to share our monthly goals for JUNE:

I am moving this summer (don't ask me where...we're still working on that) and really need to purge my house (and life!) of all the extra stuff! I collect books, knick-knacks, clothes, etc. and packing everything into boxes will be the perfect motivation to weed through what I don't need.
Family:My hubby and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary this week and are planning a special getaway :)
I know I need to drink more water - as a teacher with few opportunities to use the ladies room, I rarely drink during the day. And by rarely, I mean almost never. This summer I really need to re-hydrate :)
Drinking Glass
I have been bitten by the task-card craze ad have been printing and laminating like crazy

Now I just need to find a functional way
to store and organize them all.

My blogging and TpT list for this summer is a mile long. Two big things on my list are:
1. Go back and add labels too all of my blog posts to make finding things easier
2. As for TpT, I plan to create some  more book studies to extend the books we read in class
Here's my latest book study that you can download for FREE:
The lovely Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang has planned a summer book study for the book Word Nerds by Brenda J. Overturf

I am so excited to read it - and lead the discussion for Chapter 3 :)
For fun (and not on a 10-year-old-reading level), I am planning to read Stephenie Meyer's latest, "The Host"


So hop on over to "I {Heart} Recess" 

and share your monthly goals for June
I {Heart} Recess

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