Sparking Student Motivation: On the Lookout for Outstanding Students

This post will be short and sweet as I'm off
on an adventure date to Manhattan with my hubby :)

I'm linking up with Joanne with Head over Heels for Teaching
 for her "Sparking Student Motivation" linky party:
Today I'm here to share a quick idea using two treasures I found at the Dollar store:
As the students are working (individually or in groups) I walk around the room and frequently pass out these "helpers" to reward hard-working students
 1. Wise Owl
This little buddy is on the lookout for students who are
making wise choices
2. Good Work Cone
I pass out the traffic cone to students who are
working on-task.
I stick a couple of tickets underneath the
"Good Work" cone as an extra motivator.

It's simple, but very motivating. As soon as I grab these "helpers" off my desk, I hear the hushed whispers of "shhhh...she's coming with the owl!" or "here comes the good work cone!"

I pass them out several times a day - sometimes even several times in one class period to award different students or groups for their effort.

Well I'm off for a fun-filled day! 
Link up your motivating ideas with Joanne :)
Head Over Heels for Teaching

Note: This week's Tricks of the Trade linky topic will be...
How do your organize your books?
How do you collect/buy your books?
Can students check them out? Can they take them home?
How do you keep your library neat and organized?

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  1. I loveee the Wise Owl idea! I used a ticket system this year and this would have been perfecto!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

  2. I have those cones, but that Wise Owl idea is super cute! Thanks for linking up Jessica!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I really like using a little "mascot" for a reward. We have mascot bobbleheads...maybe that is something to think about for next year. Thanks!

  4. Oh, how I love this idea, Jessica! I love when kiddos get caught "being good" and the others can't wait to follow suit! I will be on the lookout for something similar to use next year.

  5. I love your owl and cone. I will have to go on a prowl for the cone and maybe something ocean related (I will just have to think of a catchy slogan). Thanks for sharing.

    room 4 imagination

  6. I need that owl NOW! I did not see it at the Dollar Tree (and I have those same cones!- did we already have that conversation....?)

    I will try to find that owl. I love it- it matches my classroom theme!
    Collaboration Cuties

  7. I just had those cones in my hands a few days ago and put them back thinking I will wait till the summer but after reading your post I may have to get them now. Love your owl too!

  8. What cute ideas! Going to be on the look out for both of them!

    Surviving Sixth Grade


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