Oh How Pinteresting: Reading Ideas

I'm sitting in my backyard, sipping an orange soda, enjoying the breeze, and browsing Pinterest. 
Only 10 days left with my kiddos.
Life is good.

Time to share some Pinteresting finds...
The Vintage Apple

Here are some of my favorite newest pins for Reading ideas
Graphic Organizers=foldables
I LOVE foldables. 
This year I was a little wimpy and didn't use as many of them
as I wanted to because I felt I never had enough time in a class period. But I firmly believe they make learning information more tangible and relate-able, so I hope to implement more of them next year.  

Character traits board
This is an AWESOME board for studying character traits. 
I love the idea of showing book covers with examples of the character traits listed. Definitely doing this next year.

Sticky note poster
I am jumping on the sticky note bandwagon! 
I can't wait to implement them next year.
Question for any sticky note users:
do you supply the sticky notes or do your kids bring them in?

Sandwich summaries with somebody, wanted, but, so, then | Around the Kampfire
Awesome idea for summarizing using the
"Someone Wanted...But...So...." strategy.

Invent a Word - Cute idea!
I *LOVE* Frindle and usually read it to my students at the beginning of each year to get them pumped about exploring vocabulary and digging into language. I always have them make up a new word and we put together a "class dictionary" but this form is cuter than mine :)

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