Monday Made-it: Puppet Characters

Happy Monday, folks!
Second to last Monday of the school year! WOOHOO!
Today was "S" day in our alphabet countdown...
Silly Sock Day!
These were my fun, zany socks!
Students showing off their Silly Socks!
I'm linking up with Tara for Monday Made-It
Today I'm going to share something my students made:
We've been talking about characters and what qualities make a VIVID character.
We've done different studies on characters in books we've read and now I wanted to give my students the opportunity to create a character of their own.
I showed them my example:
 Petunia Pig, Baker Extraordinaire!
They were eager to get started making their puppets. 
However, before we jumped right in and started creating, 
we needed to do some brainstorming.
I had the students think about who their
character was going to be. 

They filled out two sheets:
1. The first was a character planning sheet from my lovely friend,
 Becky, at Compassionate Teacher. 

Becky teaches first grade, but I was able to use her
FREE character activity with my fifth graders:

The second was a sheet that I made
specifically for this puppet project:

Picture of Free Teacher Downloads at Teaching Blog Addict
Here's an example of two completed character profiles:
 Once the pages were completely filled out,
then the puppet crafting could begin!

She is making a mini Mrs. Lawler :)
Speaking of creating puppets, I want to share a quick tip I use
that I MUST-HAVE in my classroom :)
Product Image
I love hanging folders - I use them for a variety of things
(like filing papers, obviously),
but the most useful thing I use them for is

sorting construction paper by color:

Now when I (or a student) am looking for a specific color, it is a piece of cake! (idiom!)
*I adapted this idea from Rose from
Rosie's Rambles while I was student teaching.*

Next to the folders are extra packs of construction paper that need to be filed. Whenever students have free time, they can ask to be my helper and sort the paper by color - it's a job that always needs to be done! :)

Now, back to the puppets... :)
Some finished products:
Mondays are also the home of Christy from Teaching Along the Yellow Brick Road's new linky party.

Last week was my hubby's birthday and instead of a birthday cake, he asked for...
Irish Soda Bread:
*This is special to us because I first made it and brought it over to Jonathan long before we started dating when he had to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. 

It jump-started all sorts of lovey-dovey feelings and 
we even baked mini loaves of it as wedding favors:
Each couple got a loaf and a jar of homemade jam :)

Hop on over to share a favorite recipe with Christy:


  1. What a sweet story behind your recipe. That's the fun part of sharing recipes...sharing all the stories behind them!

    Thanks for linking up,
    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  2. Your puppets are so cute! I love when 5th graders do art work, it's oh so neat.

  3. Love the socks, love the puppets. I am jealous we are only on "M" in our countdown so today was marshmallow day. Thank you for the tip on sorting construction paper, it seems like a better system than my big box of paper (but it has a really cute label on the box!).

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  4. Love the puppets, especially the piggies!

  5. The puppets are ADORABLE! I am sure the kids had a blast making them. Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you could make use of my character planning sheet.

    Can't wait for our NYC adventure tomorrow!

  6. Jessica,

    I love your alphabet count down. I would love to know what you did for each letter.

  7. Thanks for sharing the file folder paper organizing tip! I'm going to put it to use in my classroom tomorrow.

    Mrs. Harris
    Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!

  8. I absolutely love your puppets!!! When I get off my iPad I'm going to download the files. Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea.

    room 4 imagination

  9. LOVE the puppets!!!!!! ANOTHER idea from Mrs. Lawler to download and tuck away for next year! Thanks, Jessica!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love the socks and the puppets! Cute post. Thanks for sharing.
      Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  11. I found you through the Oh My link up! Thanks for sharing the puppet resources! I am now following your blog and TPT store!


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