Monday Linkies: End of the Year, Calendar Sets, and Smoothies

Hello friends!
Before I get to Monday Made-It, I have some exciting news:
My friend, Rosie has passed 100 followers!
And she's planning a great giveaway!
Willing to join? Click HERE to donate to her giveaway.

Also, here's this week's Tricks of the Trade topic:

Now, here are some things that I MADE:
Here are some things I made for my last week of school:Wednesday was my last day with the kiddos.
This was waiting for them on their desks:
They were extremely excited to eat M&Ms at 8 in the morning :)
 This was the gift I gave to my two parent helpers:
The mug is filled with mints, nuts, and a Dunkin Donuts giftcard.
The two tags say "I would have gone NUTS without you" and
"Your help has really MINT a lot to me this year"

The first page inside their student portfolios was a letter I typed to the students.
I also included my Tagedo-created gift:
You can read my Tagxedo Tutorial HERE
As my end-of-the-year gift to my students, I gave them each beach balls with this note on it :)

For the end of the year, I created this FREE goal reflection activity

My newest project for this week was creating calendar sets!
Each 31-page packet is a ready-to-print calendar set that would complement any home or classroom!
Just print, cut, cut out, and display! Watch your students’ understanding grow as they repeat calendar activities day after day.

Each set includes: 
12 month labels
31 number cards
30 Holiday cards
Days of the Week - Cards
Days of the Week – Activities
Countdown activities

I have created two packets so far: Monsters and Ladybugs.
I am happily taking suggestions for future calendar themes :)

Today I'm also linking up with my bud, Christy, from
Teaching Along the Yellow Brick Road for her fun new linky:
Now this is a website I pinned that I WANT to try!
I love no-bake things...this site could be dangerous :)
75+ No Bake Desserts

And at the airport yesterday, I got the
It was wicked early. Like 5am early.
And I passed a JambaJuice kiosks and knew that I HAD to have one :)
I got the Mango-A-Go-Go Smoothie, which is a
combination of mango, pineapple, and passion fruit
aka: pure deliciousness is a cup.
Link up your great recipe ideas with Christy!

I'm also linking up with Sabra for her "Must-Have Mondays"
Today's Must-Have is...
My Kindle Fire
This has become my dear friend.
My constant companion.
My dear Kindle.

If you're on the fence about ordering one, go for it.
Right now.
You won't regret it!
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