Made-it Monday: Student Awards

Today was my last Monday...
It was a great day: we had our 8th grade and 12th grade graduation, so 6 of my students were celebrating with their families, leaving me with only 11 students! It was really fun - we cleaned, worked on projects, played games, and spent time in the computer lab. 
My in-laws 30th anniversary is this year and yesterday we surprised them with a Lovey-Dovey Getaway for two! We sent them on a scavenger hunt to pick up vacation essentials (a book, suntan lotion, a beach towel, etc.) and they ended at this scrapbook page:
I also attended a wonderful bridal shower on Saturday and brought a scrumptious fruit salad!
The secret ingredients: 1 cup or orange juice and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup :)
It makes it sweet, juicy, and
keeps the apples from turning brown!

Purity PowerPoint
Last Tuesday I was asked to speak at a Purity Seminar at my school for the high schoolers. It was an awesome time of digging into God's Word and talking honestly about dating, biblical marriage, and sex.

Here's the PowerPoint I made to accompany my presentation:
I know the majority of you don't teach in a Christian school,
or even if you do, you teach younger grades, but you can use this PowerPoint with a church youth group or even with your own kids!

Calendar Page Writing Prompts
I love coming up with fun prompts to motivate my students to write. One cool technique I've used is taking old calendar pages and having students create a story from them. This week I cut up and laminated a Thomas Kincaide calendar. I plan to use it for sparking fantasy stories:
 I can't wait to see what they come up with for this one: 
Student Awards
Today in our alphabet countdown was "X"...
eXtradordinary student awards! :)
I wrote personalized notes for each student, expressing how much I loved having that student in my class and why I gave them that specific award:
As I was writing their notes, I was tearing up - this class has been zany but wonderful! I am definitely going to miss them.

Verb Alphabet Cards
This packet is a perfect display for any classroom studying vivid verbs. Each page includes a letter of the alphabet and five verbs that begin with that letter. Use it at a language or writing center or display it above your classroom alphabet as a motivator for students to use vivid verbs when writing.Student activity sheets are also included for an individual, partner, or whole class activity. They can be used a pre-assessment or post-assessment...or both!
 I've also included a set in black and white for teachers
who want to print them onto colorful paper to save ink :)
Here's a preview of the pack...

...which can be yours for only $2!
Snag it today!

Candy Awards
Looking for a fun and sweet gift idea?
Looking for a last minute, quick, easy, and inexpensive gift for the end of the year?
Just print out the labels, personalize them, and attach a small piece of candy - your students will LOVE them!
As I've been busily taking my classroom down
*simultaneously insert sad face and squeal of joy*
these tools have become oh-so-useful!

Flat Staple Remover
Product Image
So great - it pulls out staples a lot easier than my last
claw-type remover
Step Ladder
This has been a huge life saver as I am not quite 5 feet tall :)

Ziploc Bags
I use gallon-sized ziploc bags for EVERYTHING!
This week's Tricks of the Trade Thursdays topic is...
How do you store your manipulatives?
How do you keep track of them?
How do you keep pieces from "wandering away"? :)


  1. Welcome to summer vacation! You have been VERY busy! Love it all! Can't wait to see what you do for next week.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. LOVE those stapler removers! An old teammate used to always snag mine from me because she loved it so much, lol. Thanks for linking up girl!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  3. That fruit salad looks super yummy....I will have to try it!!

    Mind Sparks

  4. Last Monday!! Hip, hip, hooray!!

    Thanks for linking up friend! I just found you on instagram and saw your picture of the salad and thought it looked so refreshing! So glad you linked it up! I would have never thought of the syrup! :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  5. Wow! You've been BUSY! I agree with you on that flat staple remover-it's fantabulous! I hate that one that pinches-it just rips the paper! So glad you're so close to summer!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  6. Replies
    1. You already know how much I love these. Just shared them on my 5 on the 5th post!!!


  7. Welcome to summer vacation! Hurryy!!! That crop salad examines super yummy. I am also agree with you on that flat staple remover-it's fantabulous!

    Tahitian Noni Juice

  8. I love your verb alphabet cards! They are super fun!

    I blog over at my personal blog Beyond the Gradebook and I just started my own teaching blog yesterday at Elementary Exploration. I'd love to have you visit my new blog! Also, I'm moving from fifth grade to fourth grade this year and I'm so excited!!


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