Five for Friday: A Life-Changing Week!

In the past eight days, my life changed.
As many of you know, my hubby got his Masters from NYU in May and we were on the hunt...for anyone who would pay him to do what he loves :)
Which is archiving, or preserving, arranging, digitizing, and organizing documents and artifacts.

So we had been searching.
And applying.
And applying some more.

And then last Thursday, he received a call.
Then he had an interview.
Then the next day he got a call
asking if he would be willing to fly out.
So we hopped on a plane.
He had the second interview...
and was offered the job on the spot!
We spent the day exploring and apartment hunting.

So, the next stop in our joy-filled journey will be....
Seattle, Washington!

In a little over 2 weeks, I will officially be...
Any other Washington bloggers out there?

We couldn't be more thrilled!
And nervous.
And excited. 
And sad.

it gets better...
Not only did hubby get a job...
but I did too! 

I inquired about a school on Saturday morning.
Monday afternoon I got a call asking if I could come in
immediately for an interview.
Tuesday I filled out the application.
Wednesday I was notified that I was chosen!
Christian school.
5th grade.
No joke.
God is so faithful!

So in less than a week, we found both had jobs across the country.
Oh, and we leased an apartment in our spare time.

The rest of my week has been filled with...
Endless Phone Calls
Moving Details/Research
Well that's my Five for Friday!
Stay tuned for further news of our adventures in Seattle!

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