Five for Friday: Last Full Week of School

Phew! I made it through my last full week of school! 
Now my days will be filled with graduations, cleaning, packing, hugging, and celebrating the beginning of summer!
Blue Floral Flip Flops
Here's a re-cap of our fun-filled week!
Summer Bucket List

Looking for an activity to keep your students engaged (aka not running around the classroom karate chopping one another)? Well here's a fun writing activity for you to use with your kiddos:
Each student makes a "bucket list" of things they want to do this summer. Two template options are included. If you download this, please leave feedback :)Picture of Free Teacher Downloads at Teaching Blog Addict
 NJ Blogger's Meet-up!
Ok...not really :) This week I met up with Rosie from Rosie's Rambles, Becky from Compassionate Teacher, but it wasn't a traditional meet-up, because we're already friends in real life :) But we saw so many other states doing it recently that we wanted to join the fun! 
The three of us celebrated the closing of the school year with a fun girls night in NYC! We went out for a delicious dinner and then spent our hard-earned money at the Strand, my all-time favorite bookstore:
I got loaded up on all sorts of $1 and $2 treasures.
Now to organize them all!
How do you organize your classroom library? 
Speaking of books, here is a great book I read this week:

We're almost done our Alphabet Countdown and the kids are LOVING it! This week we had "U" Day - United States Day! Throughout the day we did USA trivia, played games, and read about America. Here's one of the winners I read to them:
Scrambled States of America

This book is AWESOME! 
I got the suggestion from my pal, Rose, at Rosie's Rambles
It tells the story of Kansas and Nebraska, long-time friends who are tired of their positions in the middle of the country. They want to see new things, meet new states, etc. 
So they decide to host a big "mixer" where the states all switch spots around the country. It isn't long, however, before they are longing for their original places back.
My favorite part of the book are the
 little illustrations and side conversations.

Spanish Lunch
A couple of weeks ago I got this invitation is my class mailbox:
As part of their Spanish final, the sophomores hosted a fun lunch for the teachers where they practiced their Spanish skills as they sat us, took our order, served us delicious homemade food.
 My friend, Lauren, and I waiting for our delicious tapas
Here's my meal:
Shredded beef, yellow rice, and salad...YUM!
 Facebook Flash Freebies
This week I've once again started my Flash Freebies on my
Joy in the Journey Facebook page
See full size image
Click the button above to follow my page for
frequent flash freebies and updates
Olympic Day
Yesterday was my school's version of Field Day...
Olympic Day!
Go Red Team!
Sporting my "fun buns" :)
The whole school is divided into four teams:
red, yellow, blue, and green
 A couple of my boys zooming in the wheelbarrow relay:
 Friday was "W" in our countdown...Watermelon Day!
A nice refreshing snack between the competitive festivities

Well I'm off to a day of life-event celebrations:
A bridal shower, a graduation party, and a birthday/Father's Day outing! 
Oh my! :)
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