Five for Friday: Flies and Museums and Book Awards...oh my!

Phew! What a week! It was full of all sorts of twists and turns and required a lot of patience and flexibility from this teacher's heart :) Only a week and a half left!
I'm linking up with Kacey and Amanda
to give a re-cap of my week:
1. Diary of a Fly
We started our animal unit this week and to kick us off,
I read one of my favorite books, Diary of a Fly by Doreen Cronin

Then we completed different activities from this activity packet:
My kids LOVED (and were GROSSED-OUT by) this book :)
Like what you see? You can WIN this packet!

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2. Celebrations!
This week my hubby and I celebrated our
2 year wedding anniversary

I loved my blue shoes! :)
My hubby is 6' 2" and I'm barely 5",
so I needed shoes that would give me height,
but that I could stand to walk in all day.
A tricky task - but these blue shoes fit the bill!

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to Auld Shabeen,
an Irish restaurant that was literally brought over from Ireland piece by piece:

The food was SO good! :)
We enjoyed a quiet evening of bonding,
during which my hubby surprised me with these...

 Tickets to see the musical The Little Mermaid!
I cannot wait to see it in a couple of weeks.
Tomorrow we're going to celebrate our anniversary
with a fun-filled day in Manhattan.

The celebrations continued as...
Today was my hubby's birthday!
He is now a quarter-century old :)
I wanted to make it special, so I gave him
a gift-a-day all week long!

Today was also National Donut Day!
We went on a DunkinDonuts Date :) 
3. Animal Research Booklets
I knew I wanted to give my students some valuable practice researching and writing about something that was interesting for them - so I decided to create animal research booklets. I was scouring the Internet looking for that "just right" product. I had just about given up and was going to just create what I wanted from scratch when I found this winner:

I downloaded it from the Moore, Oklahoma super packet!
It comes from Kathy at Teaching with Technology''s store

I started it with my kids this week and they are LOVING it!

We chose our animals and started our preliminary research this week. Our library was booked (long story involving high-schoolers and crutches), so I couldn't take my kids to the books. 
Instead, I brought the books to my kiddos!

4. Intrepid Museum
On Thursday we went on our last field trip to 
The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in NYC

The kids had a BLAST! 
 I have horrible laryngitis right now and
was worried about controlling 33 10-year-
with literally no voice.
But I had great helpers and the students were
incredibly well-behaved.
They were kind, quiet, and very good
sign-language interpreters :)

The museum is an old air craft carrier that was used in WW2. 
We toured a growler submarine, explored the flight deck, climbed to the top of the overlook tower to the captain's room, sat underneath the Blackbird (fastest jet in the world), and spent way too much at the gift shop :)
After the trip, I had my students fill out a reflection form:

You can grab my 8-page Field Trip Freebie Packet here:
5. Favorite Book Awards
Today was "R" day in our Alphabet countdown to the end of the year - we celebrated "Reading Day!"
Each student brought in a favorite book and we did a "Book Tasting" where we shared "samples" of our books to one another. We then awarded these books for their vivid characters, stimulating plots, and interesting information:
I leave you with a question: Which book would you award?


  1. Love how you organized the books for your kiddos to work on their research projects! Have a nice weekend!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Great blue shoes! Happy Anniversary. Mine comes up this week (but it's 9 years for us).

    Thanks for the field trip freebie!

    room 4 imagination

  3. What an awesome field trip! I bet the kids loved it. I also like the reflection sheet you have the kids fill out. It will help them to remember what they saw and give the parents a little bit of information as well.

    Third Grade Galore

  4. Looks like a great field trip! Happy Anniversary! Love those blue shoes! You're so sweet to have a gift each day for your husband! 25??!! Really? Whatever!:O)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. I LOVE those blue shoes! Too cute :) My favorite animal is a penguin!

  6. Happy anniversary! My favorite animal is a rabbit!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful shoes! My favorite animal is the dolphin!

  8. Happy Anniversary Jessica!! My favorite animal is the otter! :)


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