Five for Friday: End of the School Year

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1. Goals Reflection
At the beginning of the year we set goals, both individually and as a class. About once a month I would have the students reassess and see if they were doing what they needed to do to reach their goals. Then, at the end of the year, I have them take several minutes to reflect on the past school year and fill in this graphic organizer:
We also created a class bulletin board where each student wrote a goal they had met on a football and we mounted them on the wall above a football goal post. 
That activity spurred my latest TPT product:
I created this FREE goal reflection activity
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2. Dear Future Fifth Grader...
I also had my fifth graders write letters to the incoming class. They needed to address three aspects in their letters: academics, activities, and advice for a successful year. 
We planned out our letters using a graphic organizer from
Laura Candler:
Then, once the papers were peer-checked, they wrote their letters. It was so sweet to see what they wrote:

3. Memory Jar
From the first day of school, the students have been filling this jar with "memories" - fun and memorable activities, projects, field trips, guest speakers, chapels, etc.
This is what it looked like at the end of the year:
 On the last day of school, I pulled them out and we read them, remembering all of the fun we'd had this year. It was such a fun, reflective, and tear-producing activity :)
This was one of my favorites: 
My theme for the Standardized Test was "Rock the Test"
You can read more about it HERE.
It was so cute that she used it in her memory slip.

Wednesday was my last day with the kiddos.
This was waiting for them on their desks:

 This was the gift I gave to my two parent helpers:
The mug is filled with mints, nuts, and a Dunkin Donuts giftcard.
The two tags say "I would have gone NUTS without you" and
"Your help has really MINT a lot to me this year"

We indulged in some delicious breakfast food:

We read this book:
and then filled out what we were planning to do this summer:
We're Going to Have a BALL This Summer
 Then I surprised them by keeping with the beach ball theme:
I gave each of them a beach ball and read them a letter I had written, explaining that we had had a BALL in fifth grade and remembering lots of funny moments/activities. 
They blew up their beach balls - which was quite a feat!
Then I passed our sharpies and we covered the beach balls with
memories from fifth grade and signatures from our classmates.

Student Portfolios:
All year I collect important projects and assignments for each student's "portfolio." Then at the end of the year, I passed them out and had them look through all of their star-worthy work. It was so fun to hear the cries of "I remember this!" "That was SO fun!" "Look how good I did!" :)
The first page inside their portfolios was a letter I typed to the students. I also included my Tagedo-created gift:
You can read my Tagxedo Tutorial HERE

Then, at the end of the day,
I read this great book:

Then we headed down to our Moving-Up ceremony
aka a half-hour of chaos, counting down, singing, dancing,
celebrating, and giving out awards :)

We were the coolest class because we sported mustaches.
The rest of the school was super jealous :)
 Here are my girls holding their 6th grade ribbons!

5. Packing Up! 
Thursday and Friday were clean-and-pack-til-you-drop days!
My lovely mom came to help me pack up my classroom library:
She helped me label, sticker, and scan books.
This is my new system for mystery books:
They have the pink dot sticker (for fiction) and I placed a gold star on it to designate it as a mystery book. I plan to do this for the different genres of fiction. (i.e. animal fiction have a green star, poetry has a blue star,etc.)
We filled 17 boxes of just books from my classroom library!

My hunky hubby also came to help with the heavy-lifting:
After 7 carloads, the room was finally EMPTY:
Who knows where I'll be unpacking my classroom next year! 
We're ready for whatever adventure God has in store...
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