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Happy Mother's Day!
I want to send out a big hug to all blogging mothers. 
What you do is hard. 
What you do is important. 
What you do is making a difference.
Enjoy your children.
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In honor of Mother's Day, I want to give a shout out to my best friend, spiritual mentor, shopping partner, advice-giver, idea-bounder-offer...aka my MOM!
I'm so excited to spend the day celebrating her! :)

As I have said before (probably nearing in on 1 million times)
I *LOVE* children's books. I read them to my fifth graders every day. They love them. I think they are such a valuable tool in introducing and solidifying a concept before, during, or after a lesson. 

Today I'm linking up with Amanda and Stacia from Collaboration Cuties for their "Must-Read Mentor Texts" linky. 
This week, the subject is MATH.
Here's a fun one for teaching math - Yes, I believe that children's books can and should be used often, even in math! 
This is an oldie, but a goodie - I remember reading it in elementary school...

What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?
by Colin Hawkins

It is a fun POP-UP book that engages students in the day in the life of a wolf and teaches/reinforces the concept of reading clocks.

I have been troubled this year by how much my students struggle with reading analog clocks. They will constantly ask me throughout the day, "What time is it?" and when I point to the analog clock on the wall, they sneak over and peek at the "clock-out board" that has a digital clock on it.
Classroom Clock Out Clipboard

I couldn't believe it! 
"Don't you wear a watch?" I asked them. 
They smiled and pointed to their cell phones and iPods. 
I, at 24-years-old, suddenly felt very old :)
So we went back to the basics. I got out the plastic yellow clocks and we practiced. And practiced some more. This book was a fun part of our unit and it helped the kids recognize the different systems of telling time and how to distinguish between the two.

In the book, we follow Wolf through his day and see what activities he does at different times. Each page includes both a digital clock and an analog clock:

Often I will use a sticky note to cover up all of the digital clocks on the pages and have them tell me the time using the analog clock. Then they can self-check by lifting the sticky note. They really enjoyed the activity - and it gave them practical, hands-on practice that definitely improved their skills.

I also used this fun (and FREE!) activity packet
from Little Red's Schoolhouse:

Got a mentor text to use when teaching Math? 

And.... here's the topic for this week's 
"Tricks of the Trade Thursdays"
As the end of the school year dawns, I want to hear your ideas for gifts - gifts you give to students, to coworkers, to special's teachers, to administration, etc. Also, you could share one of your favorite gifts you've received as a teacher. 
These could be your original ideas or something you've found on Pintrest...aka the source of all truly great ideas :)

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