Tried It Tuesday: "Pow Wow"

In history we've been studying different Native American groups and their various traditions.
Native American Indian Boy and Girl and Girl
I'm linking up with Holly from "Fourth Grade Flipper" to try an idea that I TRIED:
Today we learned about an Indian Pow Wow:

It's a time for Native Americans to gather together to sing, dance, socialize, meet new friends, and honor different aspects of their culture:
I decided to have a class "Pow Wow" to make this tradition real to my students and to encourage group bonding as we shared our "pow-wow".
Here's how I set up the "pow-wow" - each student shared about their weekends: they told a POW (something bad that happened) and a WOW (something great that happened).
This was a great lesson in reflecting, summarizing, and listening with respect to our classmates. 
The kids were very honest and shared some great responses. It was sweet to hear many of their "WOWs" being how much fun it was to shower their moms with love for Mother's Day. 
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Before I go (to spend too much money at the book fair!)
I want to remind you of this week's topic for...
Tricks of the Trade Thursdays
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And...I want to link up with these lovely ladies for
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I'm going to post more about this whole project soon, but here's a snippet:
Alphabet countdown-26 days left of school! Today was "A" - apple slices for everyone!
Plus candy from my apple jar :) 


  1. 26 days! Woohoo!

    Great idea about the Pow wow! And how sweet that they talked about Mother's Day. I think big kids love Mother's Day more than the little ones do :-)


  2. I love that Pow Wow idea! Cute! Getting my ideas ready for Thursday-I will be there!!! Do you have 15 students and are you the only 5th grade teacher at your school?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. You guys are just a day behind us I think. Today we had "C" day! I LOVE your Pow Wow idea! How clever:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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