Tried-It Tuesday: Food Edition

Today was a wonderful day.
I am going to toot my own horn for a second:
I planned fun activities.
My students were engaged.
I taught well.
My kiddos participated with insight.
They worked diligently.
I was one proud teacher.

Then I came home and did all sorts of wifey things:
laundry, grocery shopping, tidying, cleaning the bathroom.

To continue this fabulous fay,
I am linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper

I am going to share FOUR things I tried today...
and they all have to do with FOOD!

1. How-To Instructions
Today we started our "How-To" Instruction Writing Unit. It's pretty simple: students just have to write step-by-step instructions on how to do something. They need to use time-order words, specific details, and vivid verbs. 
To kick off the unit, I did a little demonstration: 
How to make a  PB&J Sandwich.
Sounds easy, right?
Not to chef Amelia Bedelia (aka me!)

I had the students list the ingredients I would need.
Then I had them give me step-by-step directions on how to make the sandwich.
(student comments are in italics, my actions are underlined)
I followed their instructions exactly.

They told me to put the bread on the plate.
I put the whole loaf of bread on the plate.
NO! Take the bread out of the bag!
I took the whole loaf out of the bag and put in on the plate.
NO! Take two slices of bread and put them on the plate.
Now stick your knife in the peanut butter.
I tried to poke the knife through the lid of the peanut butter.
Open the jar. Then put your knife in.
Now scoop peanut butter out of the jar and put it on one piece of bread. Spread it around.
I scooped it out, plopped in on my bread and then used my fingers to spread it around.
EWWWW! Use the knife to spread it!
Good. Now open the jelly jar and use your spoon to scoop it out. 
Spoon it onto the other piece of bread.
I scooped ALL of the jelly from the jar onto a piece of bread: 
Not so much!
Too late.
Put the pieces of bread together.
I slammed them together.
Now enjoy! 
I took a big bite out of my slightly unconventional PB&J

Hahahaha the kids LOVED this! 
We took a lot of time talking about what went wrong.
They claimed I didn't listen, but I argued that I listened too well! I followed their instructions to the "t", just like Amelia Bedelia would do (she's famous in our classroom - I love her).
We then wrote out specific instructions step-by-step for making a PB&J - we came up with 12 steps!

Now it's their turn - I can't wait to see what they write instructions for.
And they'd better be specific!
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2. Perdue Short Cuts:
My hubby and I have opposite schedules.
Often times I am driving home on the highway when he is driving the opposite way on the same highway going to class or work.
It stinks.
But I'm thankful for how hard he works to
help provide for our little family.
All this to say that we eat separately most days.
And we recently made a great find for
quick, easy, and delicious meals:

If you're cooking for one or two, these
Perdue ShortCuts are awesome! 
They are pre-cooked, carved chicken that you just heat and eat!
Hubby will often cook half of it for lunch and
I have the other half for dinner.
Or I make the whole package, eat half for dinner,
and save the other half for lunch tomorrow.
I always get them when they're on sale
(which is a lot of the time).
They have lots of different flavors. 
My favorite is the southwest because
I have a slight obsession with fajitas:

3. Fruit Day!
We are doing an alphabet countdown to the end of school 
(the kids are freaking out because they love it so much!) 
and today was "F"...Fruit Day!
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4. Wise Honey Barbecue Chips
I am blogging about these simply because I love them.
They are delicious.
I broke open the bag on the way home from the grocery store.
I simply couldn't wait.
More than half of the bag is gone.
I have a 7 minute drive.
Yes, they are that good.

Well that's it for my food-filled day! 
Now I'm off to run on the treadmill.
Not really, but I should.
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This week's Tricks of the Trade  topic is...
drum roll please...
Field Trips - how do you schedule them, organize them, manage them, etc. What types of activities do you do before, during, and/or after your trips?
Can't wait to read your tips on Thursday!
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