Tricks of the Trade Thursdays: Poster Organization

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Tricks of the Trade Thursdays!
This week's topic is...
How do you keep posters, anchor charts, and bulletin board supplies organized?
I am so excited to hear your ideas because I am really hoping to re-organize my posters this summer. I'll share some of my "tricks" but I am definitely on the look-out for new, better ideas.
Poster Box/Large Poster Bags
I store my large posters in three areas:
My Reading posters/bulletin board supplies are help in this poster box (given to me by the wonderful Rose from Rosie's Rambles) I have pieces of cardboard to divide the posters by topic for easy reference.
I also have some poster bags that I use. I have different bags for each subject and they are (basically) in chronological order for when I use them throughout the year :)
Here's my history bag:
Now I keep my seasonal posters and bulletin board supplies
in a very high-tech, expensive bag:
Or not :)
It's not fancy, but it works -
I have one for the fall, one for Christmas, and one for the Spring
Labeling rolled posters:
To save space, I roll certain posters and anchor charts. 
Then, I place a sticky note on the outside to quickly see at a glance which poster it is:
Organizing Poster/BB Ideas:
I sort my resources in binders and behind each tab
I have a plastic sheet protector with bulletin board pieces and posters:
I also list each poster and/or bulletin board projects on a sticky note in my binder so I can remind myself of what I have created and planned:
If I have multiple pieces for one poster/BB,
I use a binder clip to attach the ziploc of letters to other poster elements:
Enlarging Worksheets
to create Posters:
One thing I do for graphic organizers that we use frequently throughout the year is blow it up to poster-size, so the kids can follow along as I complete it on the board. This way, my writing looks exactly their worksheet, and it helps them (especially my distracted or slow writers) stay with me.
I have it laminated and just write on it with dry erase marker
(or Sharpie - and then get it off with nail polish remover)
Bulletin board border storage:
To keep my borders organized, I use an idea I got from Pintrest.
I store them in icing containers:
Frosting containers as storage for borders. SO much better than the long cardboard boxes! hmm... I don't really eat frosting but maybe I can find some other food container that will work the same way because I am definitely tired of how much space my adorable bulletin board borders take up

*Check out Becky's post for more great ideas!*

Now it's your turn!

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