Tricks of the Trade Thursdays: End of Year Gifts

We're back for another exciting edition of ...
Tricks of the Trade Thursdays
Congratulations to the random winner from last week:
Kaitlyn from Smiles and Sunshine
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The topic this week is...
As the end of the school year dawns, I want to hear your ideas for gifts - gifts you give to students, to coworkers, to special's teachers, to administration, etc. Also, you could share one of your favorite gifts you've received as a teacher. These could be your original ideas or something you've found on Pintrest...aka the source of all truly great ideas :)
Student Gifts
Here are some fun (and affordable!) ideas
for gifts to give your students:
I have been bitten by the OWL bug this year and have a large tree set up outside my classroom. Each student has an owl that is sitting on the branches. So, in keeping with that theme,
I have designed OWL gift tags for my kiddos:
To put them with these cute buddies:
Owl treat bags for  student gift  : ) by joanne
I've made a packet of 5 printable gift tags.
You can grab the gift tags here for FREE!

I also did Student Awards last year -
and each one had a themed candy bar with it. 
The kiddos LOVED it!
Here are some ideas that are not my own - 
they are "borrowed" from different fabulous bloggers.
Click on the pictures blow to go to the original source.
Sock your Students! Free printable tags for fun end of the year gift!
end of the year gifts | The Young and The Relentless: End of Year School Gifts
Coworker Gifts
teacher to teacher gifts
Parent Volunteer Gifts
end of year gift for parents
Tokens of Thanks: Caffeine and Parent Gift Tags, free
Administration Gifts
This is a scrapbook frame that I made for my principal last year. 
It's our school verse:
I plan to create something like this for our principal this year:
Thank you gift for our principal
I will have each of our kiddos sign it and write a note of thanks.
Principal Gift
Favorite Gifts I've Received: 
School supply bouquets warm my heart :)
Very cute! This blog post has several great ideas for teacher appreciation and end of year teacher gifts.
I can do a lot of damage with one of these!

Perfect for a scrapbook enthusiast like myself!

Now it's YOUR TURN!


  1. You're right, great minds do think alike! Thanks hosting a fun linky:)


  2. Yay! I'll email you with a list :) I love the gift ideas, especially the principal ones...I've never seen anything like those!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  3. Wow! Lots of great ideas! I like the principal one too! Is that poster available for sale? Thanks for hosting!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. I LOVE your end of the year gift tags! Thanks so much for sharing! Guess that's one more thing I need to add to my to-do list - eeeek!

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. I love all the ideas you put together here!! Pinning for future reference! I am curious where you got your themed candy bar awards. Did you make them or pick them up somewhere? My students would love those!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. Thanks for doing this Jessica! I realized AFTER reading your comment on my post that I had forgotten to add your cute button and link back to your page! I have done it now, my apologies for being tardy! Some days I cannot even remember my own name!


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