Sparking Student Motivation: Clean Desk Fairy

A student's desk: 
Home to folders, books, and pencils.
Also home to leftover snacks, broken crayons, and empty water bottles.
I am often amazed at the crazy/gross/unexpected things I find in a student's desk.

I expect their desks to look like this:
But too often find this:

Today I'm going to share an idea that motivates my students to clean their desks regularly and keep them organized:

Introducing my little helper...
The Clean Desk Fairy!
Valentine's Day Fairy
Every couple weeks I, I mean the The Clean Desk Fairy does random desk inspections. 
She flutters about the classroom and if she finds a desk that tickles her fancy (clean, neat, organized, no loose pencils, crayons, papers, etc.), she leaves a little treat:
Right now she leaves Pixie Sticks (her wand) on desks that she deems clean and tidy. 
At different times of the year she leaves different treats - I usually try and choose candy that I don't like so I'm not tempted to empty the bag myself :)

 Here are some free cute desk fairy notes you can use:

The Clean Desk Fairy comes on all days of the week and has even been known to come twice in one week - or even two days in a row! That really threw my kiddos for a loop :)

How do you motivate your students to keep their desks clean?
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