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This is where I wish I was today.
But I am not.
Enough said.

Instead, I'm enjoying the day by linking up with Jivey
The theme this week is reading groups and
how you have students respond to their reading.

I love to have my students talk about what they've read. If they can discuss it, then I know that they are grappling with the text.
Grappling: to seize firmly; to hold tightly;
to demonstrate mastery
What a great word.
I have a system in my classroom called "Turn and Talk" where students discuss a text with a partner using guided questions. These are questions I have them answer:
*I have made a printable copy of this anchor chart -
just print and assemble!*
You can download it for FREE from my TpT store:
*I think the product is cuter than my original.

I may need to re-create mine! HAH*

I also use these questions for personal respond-to-reading journal prompts. It helps me see what the kids are thinking during and after reading.
In small groups, I use the famous Jennifer Runde's Comprehension Fans:
I bought this packet during a mega TpT sale last year and it was a wonderful buy!
Each reading strategy is grouped together in "fans" with multiple questions to assess your students.
One of the best $5 I've spent! :)
And now it's time to share some of my favorite pins:
1. Suitcase dresser.
Suitcase dresser – dresser found on the side of the road missing all drawers. – suitcases collected over time from various yard sales and flea markets. We use this piece in our guest room to store seasonal items and craft supplies.
I am in love.
My hubby and I LOVE to travel and have
travel-themed rooms in our house. 
Our living room is NYC and our Bathroom is Paris-themed :)
This is on my summer hunting list!
Thanks to Angela at The Teacher's Desk for the pin!

2. Math Read-aloud Recommendations:
For my math friends: A huge list of books that can be integrated into math lessons! The list is even divided by math topic.
This website has an awesome, comprehensive list of books
to use when teaching a myriad of math topics.

3. Minute-to-Win-It Games:
Minute to Win it Activities: Don't Blow the Joker, Bite Me, Junk in the Trunk, Cup Stacking, Floatacious, etc
I'm planning my end-of-year party (in 20 days!) and
am going to organize a bunch of Minute-to-win-it games! :)

4. Summer Reading Ideas:
 Finish Off the Year With Amazing Summer Reading Plans. Make into a checklist for them to take home and check off!!
Places We Can Read this Summer
I am planning to make a checklist to see how many
creative places they can read this summer!

Tomorrow is another exciting 
Tricks of the Trade!
Field Trips - how do you schedule them, organize them, manage them, etc. What types of activities do you do before, during, and/or after your trips?
Can't wait to read your tips TOMORROW!
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