Mystery Soldiers - Motivating Students in the Hallway

I'm LOVING finding all of these awesome
 Student Motivation ideas
 from Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching:

Today I want to share an idea that I use to motivate
students to walk SILENTLY in the hallway:
Mystery Soldiers
This was an idea I stole from my dear Student Teaching teacher (Love you, Mrs. Jones!) and though she used it in 2nd grade, I was amazed at how well it worked with my 5th graders! 
Here's how it works: 
1. When students are lining up to leave the classroom, I draw a Popsicle stick with one of their names on it, but I don't tell them who it is. *if they're talking in line when I choose their name, I look at them pointedly, put the stick back in the bucket, and draw another name. 

2. As we're walking in the hallway, I watch that student to see if he/she is behaving properly and walking silently

3, If they are successful, I make a big deal of announcing it when we reach our destination. The name gets posted on our "Mystery Soldier" board and the student receives two tickets.


*I put the Popsicle stick right back in the can, so they cannot say, "Whew! That was my turn, now I can just goof off until everyone else has had a turn!" Sometimes a student will be chosen twice in one day! If the same name gets chosen again and the “soldier” is successful, then I put a tally mark next to the name. At the end of each month, the “soldier” with the most tally marks wins a prize.

*If the soldier is unsuccessful, I don't say the name of the student (I don't want to embarrass to discourage them in front of their peers). I usually will try that student again later in the day. However, if they are unsuccessful twice in one day, then I pull them aside and tell them that they were chosen, but lost the tickets because of their chattiness or lack of self-control. 

*I've laminated the poster so the first day of each month I erase the names (with nail polish remover) and we start fresh. The "soldier" with the most tally points wins a prize.

*I've also done this with my table groups - I'll choose a whole group to watch and if they are all successful, their names go on the board AND they get 4 points for their team. It's very motivating and they keep one another accountable because they want their team to win.

Here's a sample of my Mystery Soldier board:
How do you keep your kiddos quiet in the hallway?
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