Must-Have Monday: Supplies for the Classroom

I am home from a wonderful day in NYC,
watching my hubby graduate with his Masters from NYU!!!
Doesn't he look smart?!? :)
It was an awesome day of celebration...and good food!
We went to Becco, which is an incredible Italian restaurant owned by Lidia Bastianich (from the Food Network) in midtown Manhattan:
It was delicious. Seriously delicious.
Dangerously delicious. :)

We spent the day frolicking around Manhattan and I enjoyed my last personal day of the school year (totally worth it!) 
I must do something teachery today, so I'm going to link up with Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang for her new linky: Must-Have Mondays

Isn't that button CUTE? Talk about awesome blossom :)

Here a couple of must-have items from my classroom:
Colorful Dot Stickers
I LOVE these stickers - I use them to organize my classroom library books. Each genre has a special color and it helps the students know at a glance what type of book it is and helps my "librarian" (classroom job, changes weekly) put the books back on their proper shelf.

Page Protectors
When I have a special project or display that uses a lot of little pieces, I stick all of them together in a sheet protector to keep it organized in my binder with the assignment cover sheet, the project packet, and the rubric.
You can even photocopy a worksheet in a page protector - doesn't show on your copy and it makes keeping track of your masters a lot easier!

Sticky Notes
I use sticky notes for EVERYTHING!
Notes to students, to coworkers, to myself... :)
I color-code them for different subjects/things to-do
I use them record students who are missing assignments, tardies, blogging ideas

Popsicle Sticks
Popsicle sticks really come in handy in my classroom. At the beginning of the year, I write each student's name on one and use it to choose volunteers, call on students, assign partners, etc.

These items are all of my to-replenish-list for the summer:
Link up with these two fabulous ladies (Sabra and Pinkadots) to share your must-have items for this year and next!

This week's Tricks of the Trade  topic is...
drum roll please...
Field Trips - how do you schedule them, organize them, manage them, etc. What types of activities do you do before, during, and/or after your trips?
Can't wait to read your tips on Thursday!
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